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Friday, January 3, 2014

A New Year And Done With Mittens!

Hello my friends! It's a new year and a new start for many of us. The only resolutions I've made this year is to read the Bible through at least once and to try to lose some weight, (on the list every year.) The first I do most every year but the second never seems to see much progress! Oh well, at least I'm conscious of the need to watch what I eat.

It's been a busy few weeks and I haven't posted much. We've been home since Sunday but I've been busy finishing up the mittens. Yes. I'm finished. For now anyway. I have another 51 pair to deliver to Lindsey on Sunday and one of the ladies at knitting is giving me at least 10 more pair today so I think the little ones will have warm hands for this winter anyway. Here's a picture of the mittens finished this week. I do have more yarn left and I'll save it for another project for children since Teresa and Dayle so generously donated it for this project.

Last night was the last big hurrah for the season. Our Bible study group decided several years ago that instead of trying to fit one more event in before Christmas we would wait until the first Thursday in January to have our annual potluck white elephant exchange. We had a wonderful time with lots of good food, I forgot to get a picture of the food for you, and lots of fun choosing and opening gifts. We think we set a new record this year. No one stole a gift. Everyone was happy with what they opened. I ended up with a beautiful mobile for outside. I'll try to get a picture when the weather is more cooperative. We had a wonderful time of food, fellowship and prayer-a great way to begin a new year.

Mark brought his Russian Crème dessert that he brings every year. There are raspberries in the bowl to put on top. Oh. My. Goodness. If you've never had this dessert you are missing something amazing. I don't know how he makes it but it is delicious. We also had a few different kinds of fudge. When I saw them I realized I had not had one piece of fudge all season! Amazing for me.

This morning when Hubby left for work I began putting away Christmas for the season. Since we didn't have a tree up there wasn't a lot to do. However, by the time I wandered around the house picking things up and putting them on the dining table, I realized the table was completely covered. I had more things out than I realized. The only thing that didn't get put away was the nativity that Teresa gave me at our bloggers lunch. That will go out to the trailer and be on display all year. My feeling is that it never hurts to remember why that baby in the manger came to earth. He came to save each and every one of us, so it will be out where I can see it all summer and be reminded.

Here are a few photos that were on my regular camera from our trip to Portland. I had to wait to get home and put them on the desktop to share with you.

This first one is Mt. Hood. This is the same mountain in Gracie & Teresa's backyards but from almost 160 miles away! It was a beautiful day and I took this photo as we drove down Interstate 84 near Boardman, OR on the eastern edge of the state! Can you believe how beautiful it is and how close it looks?

Daddy got Miss Piper the Polar Express train set for under the tree. She loves it and can even operate the remote control. It whistles and says "All aboard. Tickets please" in Tom Hanks voice. It even has steam coming from the engine and little silouettes of the children in the cars. It was a highlight of Christmas for sure.
Christmas morning and Miss Piper was opening her stocking while sitting at the table we got her for Christmas. I made her stocking and it turned out pretty well I think.

Hubby and I have been informed we need new stockings. Mandy tried to put things into them for us and they don't work very well. They're store bought stockings and have lots of strings inside. So I have another project before next year. Stockings for Hubby and me. I've made them for the rest of the family and I've been informed that we need them too.
This is Piper and her doggie, Polly. Polly is a golden lab and the most patient loving dog you could want. Wherever Piper is, Polly is. She adores her little girl and you can tell by this picture that the feeling is mutual. The next picture is Piper carrying around her little bunny that Uncle Alex sent her from Japan. That was by far her favorite gift. She carried that bunny everywhere, wrapped in one of Mandy's tea towels that I embroidered for her when she got her first apartment. Bunny sleeps with Piper and is never far from her side.

And one last picture of what makes this blog worthwhile to write. The wonderful friends I've made though blogging. I just love Gracie, Taci and Teresa and I wish everyone of you could join us when we get together. I never would have met these ladies if it weren't for blogging. Isn't it grand?

Now I'm off to fold my last load of laundry and go to knitting. Please pray for me as I've been fighting off a bug for a few days now. So much illness going around and I have too much to do to get sick! We're planning a date night tonight with our good friends Neal & Jenny. We're going to have dinner somewhere and go see a movie. Something about "Mr. Banks". I think it's about the writer of Mary Poppins or something. We haven't been to an actual movie theater in years so it's quite an event for us!

Have a lovely weekend my friends and Happy New Year!



  1. Yay! on the mittens. Wow, you've been so very busy.

    Love the pictures of Miss Piper. She is so adorable. I think the one of her hugging her doggie is just so sweet. :)

    I love the photo of you and the other blogging ladies. It's always so much fun to read your posts when you all get together.

    Sending a prayer your way that you won't get sick...and I hope you have a great time out on date night, too.

    Blessings always sweet friend.

  2. AWESOME photos of Miss Piper--what a little cutie she is!
    So glad to hear that you had such a good time down here--someday I really hope to meet you:)
    Congrats on getting all the mitten gifts done--I am sure the recipients will really enjoy them.
    Going to be a busy day so I'd better get going. I will have to continue my blog catch up later.

  3. Look at all of those mittens! They're beautiful. You accomplished so much. They will be much appreciated.

  4. Hi Betsy!
    I had my phone turned off while trying to let it back up the iCloud...or something, and nearly missed seeing Miss Pipers PTs. Thanks for texting the photo!
    And I loved seeing this batch of photos as well. The mittens are joyous colors and such practical gifts. I am interested in seeing Mr. Banks, too, and am curious to hear if you enjoyed it.

  5. ah so agree with you Betsy on your resolutions do the first every year!!

    ... and this year have head start on Bible reading as finished in mid Nov for some reason. Last year just read as much or little as I wanted and finished faster!!! :D

    ..and weight well, was going okay ( ie better than had been) but then came Christmas and chockies and other goodies which am nibbling on so not good will need to get act together!!

    ah love the pickles family are so precious, including train and bunny :D and little Miss Piper. Our Hudson is doing well now, too..

    ...and agree with the babe in the manger
    ..... thankfully the LORD Jesus is not in the manger, but He is at the right hand of the LORD God and "everliveth to make intercession for us", praise Him!

    .. what a treasure that is.
    and dear blogging friends are precious aren't they?
    love Shaz in Oz.x

  6. Hi Betsy, what a great post, full of lots of news and great photos! I'm so glad we met and also Gracie and Taci! Here's to more friends in the future!

    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  7. Betsy, you are an Angel, I have said it many times and I am going to say it again. Those wonderful mittens with warm so many hands, and little people out there will feel your love in each and every stitch. Hope you are feeling better today and that you enjoyed the movie. It has high ratings and is supposed to be excellent. Stay in today and knit, that is my prescription for you.

  8. Hello my dear friend. Great project ( the mittens) you are such a sweet heart to spend so much time making them and for sucha wonderful cause. Piper is such a big girl she is adorable and a little princess, hope you can come back soon to see her ( and we get to see you agai). I'm also so blessed to have you in my life :)

  9. Loved reading your blog today! So thankful God blessed you with a wonderful Christmas season! I will be praying for your illness. Please pray for me, too, as I am battling pneumonia and really needing a healing touch! So thankful to know the Great Physician and to be in touch with friends who can pray! Love to you and your family in the new year!

  10. Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog. I am busy working on a few things already, for the new year. Never a dull moment around here. I'd love to meet up with you as well. Do you knit? So do I. My daughter-in-love knits on a loom, one of the small ones and she does well. I've often thought about her showing me how it's done. But I have so many needles now that I think it would be a good idea just to do what I've always done. Mt. Hood is beautiful for sure and I can see it on my way to work, as I did this a.m. in all it's beauty! Take care!