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Monday, January 20, 2014

A little of This. A little of that.

Today is a very special day in my life.  34 years ago today I became a mom for the first time.  Mandy is 34 today.  It has been such a joy to watch her grow up, become an independent career woman, wife and now a mom herself.  She loves that little girl desperately and I know she would give her life for Miss Piper if it was needed.  That's what we do as mom's right?  And now, she finally has an inkling of how I feel about her.  Today is an anniversary that celebrates a "job" that I loved better than any other career I could possibly have had.

We've had days on end of freezing fog.  I've actually lost count of how many days in a row it's been, but I know it's been a week at least. These are pictures of the buildup of frost from the fog that I took from the deck this morning.  There is about 1/2 inch or so on the chain of my wind chime!  I don't think I've ever experienced anything quite like this before.  It makes driving in the mornings and evenings quite interesting since the roads get very icy.
It Is very pretty! but dangerous all the same.

I finished my all cotton blanket last night, washed it and it is so soft!  It is really heavy in weight. I had never made a blanket from cotton before so I was surprised at the weight of it.  I know now who it is going to, a lady in our church who is ALWAYS cold.  I hope she'll like it.
I take a few minutes every day to just look at these pictures of our family.  I love them all so much and miss them. How I wish they all lived closer to us. 
 I don't remember if I ever told you about this little cabinet.  I found it at a local thrift store in absolutely perfect condition without a scratch on it for $75.  It is beautiful wood, no laminate or fake stuff here!
A sneak peek of a project I'm working on for Valentine's day.  Aren't these little knitted hearts cute?
My Scandinavian heart garland.  The pattern for the heart is free on Teresa Kastner's blog. You can find her blog on my sidebar.

On anther subject, I've always wanted one of those kitchens with perfectly clear counter tops. No matter how hard I try this is what I mine looks like.  I use most of these things on a daily basis though and figure it's a waste of time and energy to put everything away all of the time.  The counter top oven spends most of the year in the trailer at the lake. I bring it home in the winter because it's a more energy efficient way to make small batches of things for just hubby and I rather than heat up the big oven.
The sunshine you see coming through the window is deceptive. It's really just light, not bright sun. The fog is still hanging on.

I finished my first two days of CASA training and we've already lost a few people because it's pretty intense both emotionally and psychologically.  I have two more days this coming Friday and Saturday.  I have met some great people there amd most of them are in their 60's and 70's!  It is wonderful that they want to give up part of their retirement to help these children.  When you see the statistics it is just plain horrifying.

It has taken me two hours to do this little post.  The phone has rung 7 times. I have received 5 texts and the doorbell rang twice!!  I give up!

Have a wonderful day my friends.



  1. Oh the pictures are lovely, but I know it's very dangerous on those roads with all that ice. Please be careful sweet friend.

    Oh the I love your little cabinet, it is so pretty...and all those photos of your family makes it even more special.

    I am looking forward to seeing all those hearts pretty. I love Valentine's Day!

    Wishing you a most lovely day filled with many blessings sweet friend.

  2. Your photos are lovely, but I am sure you are over the weather already.

  3. ah lvoely post and smiled when you said it took two hours to do it.. seems to take us ages doesn't it?? but I dont get that many interruptions...

    I love the homeliness of your last two pickies and I never have clean counter tops or kitchen benches as we call them over here, isn't funny language??

    ... and would love to send you our balmy sunny 28celsius day to you, love Shaz in Oz.x

    PS love the cotton blanket too... am sure your lady will be delighted.

  4. Sweet birthday blessings to your daughter Mandy today! I feel the same way you do--what a gift children are (and how much we miss being with them when we they don't live close by). Hope that it isn't long until you will be hugging your daughter and little Piper again!
    The new blanket is gorgeous Betsy! I LOVE the colors and the design--it will be a blessing to your church friend I am sure. Love your heart garland also--I hope to one day be able to make some hearts with Teresa's instructions.
    Beautiful photos of the frost but please, please stay safe!

  5. According to the the weather forecasters we have not broken the record here for foggy days, but we are getting close! Today, however it was cold and clear with temps in the 40s, and some wind that made it feel colder. Your frosty photos are lovely, Betsy. Happy Birthday to Mandy! I can imagine that the pretty blanket you made will be treasured by your friend. And good for you in sticking with the CASA training, and cheers for those who serve children in need of protection. xx

  6. Wow my friend it worries me that you have to drive in such extreme weather. Aren't you glad you don't have to leave to go to work though ?
    Happy birthday to Mandy we all know what a wonderful mom she is ( she has a good role model).
    The blanket looks wonderful and I'm sure it will keep your friend very was made with lots of love.
    Can't wait to see you again.

  7. Oh and I'm so proud of you sticking to work as a CASA it's not easy work but it's very honorable and wonderful that you can help the children. :) lots of hugs my dear friend.

  8. Be careful out there Betsy, it sure is beautiful but I imagine very dangerous. Love your hearts and that wonderfully warm blanket. You are going to be a blessing to so many little ones. You are so right CASA exposes you to so many horrific things, I see some of that on my end, but not near as much as you are going to, but children need a voice, and you are going to give them one.

  9. I agree with Meredith Betsy, please be careful out there. I've never seen frozen fog before...never knew such a thing could happen. Wonderful birthday wishes to your daughter. I am sure she is just as lovely as her mother!
    xx Shari

    ps. love the blanket. cotton can be very heavy when making a large blanket but they are so worth it...they are sooo warm!

  10. Happy birthday Mandy! Sounds like you are keeping yourself busy, Betsy. The weather doesn't sound great for getting out and about. Definitely sounds like crochet weather to me. :) I'm sure the blanket will be much appreciated in that cold, cold weather. Wrap up and stay warm. Hugs, Tammy

  11. Hi Betsy. I am late to see this post! Happy Belated to your daughter! I am sure she is just as delightful as her Mom!!! I love your blanket!!! Your friend at church will be ever so pleased at your gift!
    I have very little counter space in my kitchen, so I keep a cart, just inside the laundry room, which is right off the kitchen. It holds the mircrowave, the toaster oven, and Keurig Coffee machine. Along with a chest that holds all of our hot teas and such. It works out, and keeps the counters from being bogged down with stuff!
    Stay warm!!!
    xo Kris