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Thursday, April 4, 2013

A little of this and a little of that.

Wow! It's Thursday already! The weeks seem to fly by these days now that I don't have a job outside the home. I remember when I was working, it seemed Friday never came soon enough for me! I came in from the lake Tuesday morning and my, how the weather has changed. The rain is supposed to begin this afternoon but the clouds are already here. It's still in the 60's today but that is also supposed to change. That won't keep us from returning to the lake tomorrow though! I have a bag packed to begin a crochet project while in my cozy home away from home.

Hopefully this ziplock bag of odds and ends and the more colorful bag of fuller skeins of yarn will become pillows for the trailer sofa. I thought that a couple of pillows would be a nice touch for napping and add a bit more color to the brown, brown, brown of the decor. These are all Caron Simply Soft. I like knitting/crocheting with it and it washes very well. I know a lot of people don't like it for splitting, but I don't seem to have that issue. It makes wonderfully soft hats for the baby's at the hospital.

I was reading Shari's blog, Kashmere Kisses this morning and she is making a quilt out of a sheet she found at Goodwill. It made me remember my rugs that were also made with sheets I found at a local thrift store. Both of these rugs were made when we first built our house almost 11 years ago. They hold up very well to traffic and wash great...after all, they're sheets! Look you can see my toes peeking out by the bathroom rug! My new spring toenails! The blue and off-white rug is by the garage door. Lots and lots of traffice and still looking good.

My current project is April's dishcloths. Can you see the butterflies in the finished dishcloth? I love the happy color in these two cloths.

Have any of you ever read books by Debbie Macomber? I think I have at least 60-70 of her books now. She has two series that I really enjoy. The "Cedar Cove" series set in the fictitious town of Cedar Cove, Washington. The town is based on Port Orchard, Washington where Debbie lives. She also has a series named the "Blossom Street" series. This series is set on a fictitious street named, appriately enough, Blossom Street in Seattle. The Blossom Street series is centered around a yarn shop. The newest book came out on Tuesday and I bought it yesterday. I'm making myself wait to read it until I'm surrounded by my pillows and blankets and listening to the rain on the roof of the trailer this weekend. Heavenly!

Debbie also was the writer of the books that inspired the Christmas Hallmark Channel movies, "Mrs. Miracle" and "They call me Mrs. Miracle that aired the past couple of years. They are now making a series based on the Cedar Cove books with Andy McDowell, (did I spell that right?) as the lead character.

My goodness! Can you tell I like Debbies work? She's an avid knitter. She even is a co-owner of a yarn shop that is attached to her office where she writes. So she understands us knitters and crocheters perfectly.

And now, one last photo of my Chloe this morning. She looks nice and cozy on her bed doesn't she? I had to pry her into the car to get her to leave the lake. It's her favorite place in the world, (besides our bed)!

Next week I'll be on my way to Portland on Wednesday to spend a few days with Mandy and her family. They've been battling lots of sickness and they need me. At least that's what Mandy says. It's really nice when your grown children admit to still needing you isn't it? A really wonderful benefit to going to Portland again is that I'll be having lunch with Teresa, Taci and Gracie again! Yippee! That's always a fun time. Chatting with girlfriends about yarny topics. :-)

And now I have a giveaway to tell you about at Evy's blog. She's celebrating her 700th post and would like you to visit her. This is one amazing lady with a big family and an even bigger heart.

Have a lovely day my friends. Remember to hug someone today!



  1. Betsy,
    Have a great time at your lake hideaway!
    I LOVE your rugs--have you ever posted how to make them? They are really, really wonderful:)
    If I ever learn how to knit and crochet, my hubby better watch out...our house will be filled with beautiful yarn.
    PS: I got another unexpected blessing this morning...a call from two of my grandblessings:) I am SO happy about your unexpected blessing...made my day!

  2. Aimee: I have the pattern around here somewhere. I'll have to look for it. I actually took a class at the local community center for two evenings. We made an oval, a round and a heart rug. I've made many and given them away as gifts.

  3. Enjoy yourself! Now you've got me wanting to go to Good Will and buy sheets.
    Enjoy your warm weather. We have snow....yes I said snow. Craziness!

  4. Betsy, your rugs are amazing. I love Debbie Macomber, her Blossom Street series is a favorite of mine, I'll have to go and download the new book.
    Have a fun time this weekend,

  5. Hi Betsy! Oh you're going to have a nice time at the lake, all cuddled in making bright and pretty pillows for your trailer. Our trailer is all browns and tans too, so I've got a rainbow granny stripe and a granny square on one recliner and I take my neat ripple and granny circle pillow when we go too.. it adds lots of color. We head our for a week at the beach on April 20th or so. Yay! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  6. Hi Betsy. What a perfect way to spend time at the lake! With a sak of yummy yarn, and a good book! I have read a lot of her books, and enjoy them very much!!! Have a wonderful time!!!!
    xo Kris

  7. Hi Betsy, wow it looks like you are going to be busy, but a good busy, ah?
    I live the rugs and I believe that is one if the advantages of handmade things , they last for a long time.
    I also live Debbie mcComber, both her books and patterns, they r lots of fun.
    Seeing yr washcloths I started thinking that I should start my Christmas gifts also so I don't have to do all at once .
    I hope you have fun at the lake this weekend and I'm looking forward to seeing you again :)

  8. Hi Betsy,I have been thinking about making pillows also. It's funny how we all sort of make the same things around the same time...Can't wait to see what you come up with. What a great pass time at the Lake!
    Your rugs look nice. I made a huge one for Lauren's room about 3years ago and it's still looks like new so yes....they do hold up your new pedie...a very pretty color!
    and also your butterfly that yarn!
    Hope you and the girls have lots of fun at your luncheon....can't wait to hear all about it!
    Hugs, Shari xx

  9. I like Debbie's books, too, especially the Blossom Street series :) Thanks for the heads up about her new book! I have not tried making rugs, but love the way yours turned out. Have a great cozy weekend at the lake. I look forward to seeing you soon!

  10. Love those rugs! Thanks for the book suggestion. Will have to check them out!

  11. ah Betsy, thank you so very much for your lovely post.

    .. love the rugs something which is unique to US perhaps??

    .. or wonder where they have come from?? Shaz in oz.x

  12. I love the Blossom Street books. Didn't know that she was continuing to add to the series. I read maybe the first 4 or 5 I think. Might have to get that book this summer and check out all the others I missed. That Chloe is very sweet. Enjoy your time at home away from home. Our skies just turned orange from the dust storm that has been making its way here since yesterday. Bleh! Best wishes, Tammy

  13. Hi Betsy, I have read just one of Debbie Macomber's books - The Shop on Blossom Street. Now I have my eye out for more of her's in the charity shops.
    What a lovely photo of Chloe, such deep, soulful eyes.
    I remember the rag rugs at my Nan's when I was little. You made a good job of your woven ones.
    Hope you have a lovely weekend at the lake and enjoy your crocheting.
    Carol xx

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