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Monday, March 25, 2013

Monday, Monday!

Anybody else remember that song? Monday, Monday! I don't remember any of the other words right now. But the big news is that my blog giveaway ends tonight at midnight so be sure to add your comment to the previous post so your name can be entered. I'll be back tomorrow with the winner of the doily and stitch markers! And a great big ThAnK yOu! to everyone who stops by my blog to visit, whether you commented or not. I do so appreciate you.

And now onto my regular blog post....I feel like I'm in a newsroom! :-) We've had a busy, but relaxing few days here at the Queen house. Thursday morning I took stock of my freezer, realized my rubarb will be coming up again very soon and that I still have 3 gallon size bags of it frozen so decided to make some yummy rubarb cake for our Bible study group to enjoy. Hubby picked up some vanilla bean ice cream to go with it, and my goodness it was good! I'm not a huge fan of rubarb, but I like it made this way and hubby likes it any way I make it for him. It was a hit with everyone. The first two photos are before baking and the last one is when it was hot, bubbly and ready to eat. Yumm!

I have a terrible time with where blogger puts my photos. They always add them to the beginning of my post no matter where I try to put the cursor. I apologize for the hopping around you do to look at them. Anyway, I've had a productive week with my knitting/crocheting for charity. I made several baby hats for the hospital, along with two burial buntings. They asked me to make a few since they don't have any left, but it takes a lot out of me emotionally to make them. While I crochet them, I spend time in prayer for the families who will be using them for their babies and hope that they will bring them a little peace. I need to make a few more, but have run out of white baby yarn and need to get to the yarn store first. I also finished a pair of baby socks and a sweater/hat set for charity. I'm not sure where I'll be sending them. Taci, would your mom like them for the orphanage? I can bring them on my next Portland visit if you would like them.

I also finished the monthly dishcloths for March. A little late, I know, but I was in Portland and knew I had green cotton at home and didn't want to buy more, so I just waited until I returned home. The first one turned out bigger than I usually like, so I eliminated a few rows from the pattern for the second cloth. I like how the leaves look like hearts, don't you?

Then, I decided it was time for a new garland for my kitchen island to usher in springtime! This one will probably be up most of the summer since my brain can't think of any other ideas for a summertime garland! I used Lucy from Attic24's flower patterns and finished this in just a couple of hours last week. The green is supposed to be a vine! HA! Creative on my own, I'm not. But I can follow a pattern and that's just what I do.

Hubby and I also took two trips up to the lake this weekend. He wanted to take his new truck on the highway since he's just been driving around town with it. Saturday we drove up under a blue, blue sky and had a nice walk by the lake. The snow is all gone there and now I officially have "lake fever". We took a few things up that I've bought on sale over the winter, (R.V. toilet paper, plates and napkins.) Then we headed home. By the time we got to Spokane the snow was falling againg. Ick! The lake is further north and no snow there. Of course it didn't last, and yesterday between morning and evening church services we decided to take Chloe back to the lake with us so she could run off leash. It was a beautiful day again, in the 50's F and not a cloud to be seen. When we asked Chloe if she wanted to go for a ride she ran and hid. I think she was remembering the many 6 hour car trips to Portland in the last couple of months. But when Hubby asked her if she wanted to go to the lake, ZOOM! She was standing by the door into the garage and wagging her tail furiously. When we got there she jumped out of the car and ran and ran and ran. She exhausted herself. We were the only people at the resort and it was so peaceful. We took clean bedding and towels and Chloe's new dog bed with us this time. Little by little, we're getting ready for another season of camping. We were tempted to leave the slides out on the trailer, but then common sense took over and convinced us that the lake could get lots more snow and it wouldn't be a good idea. After a couple of hours at the R.V. we headed home. Chloe was happy to take a nice long nap at home after her run. After evening church I had a nice time just browsing on my Ipad while hubby took a nap in his recliner. A nice relaxing weekend.

Today is a bright blue sky again and it's forecast to be in the 60's this week. Whoo-hoo! We haven't seen that since last fall. Is it just me or is everyone ready for spring this year. I know it's only March, but warm weather seems so elusive here. I'm doing laundry and planning to take Chloe on a nice long walk when the temperature rises just a bit more.

Have a lovely, lovely day everyone and I'll be back tomorrow with a winner of the giveaway. Remember to comment on my last post before midnight tonight, to be entered!



  1. My goodness you've gotten a lot done!

    I always liked that song. I think the next line is "can't trust that day."

  2. Lovely post today Betsy, I have a truck just like that one but it's it! My husband just got a new King Ranch Addition so I got this one....lucky me!
    Your blog always looks nice but if you want to put your captions under your photos.....add your photo and then hit enter....your cursor will always be under it and your ready to put your message, hit enter again when finished and your ready for your next photo. Hope this helps!
    Have a lovely week!
    Hugs, Shari

  3. Betsy, you amaze me with how much knitting you get done!! I poke along so slow on my WIPs! We've got a gorgeous day here, how is yours? ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. Sure looks like you've been pretty darn busy over there, doing all sorts of good stuff, though. So nice that you are able to knit for charity. Last year a co-worker made a strawberry rhubarb crisp and boy was it good -- hot from the oven. Yum! Wishing you a wonderful week. Tammy

  5. Betsy~
    Good Monday to you! LOVE your photos--the handmade flowers are wonderful and make me think you have a garden full of blooms in your home! Your baby items are so beautiful--and made with prayers too! They will be a blessing for the ones who receive them for sure. The lake is gorgeous too and your dessert sounds yummy:)
    Are you working in HTML or the compose mode when you upload photos? I have had this happen in HTML and I just changed the photo size to small, moved it down to where I want it and then switched the photo size to whatever I wanted to post it as. There probably is a better way. I am not sure if I have had this occur in the compose mode. On that mode I just do as the poster above does...I think:)

  6. You have been so busy Betsy I am so impressed. Beautiful knitting and the rhubarb dish looked delicious!!!
    Beautiful photographs of the lake. I cannot wait for some better weather we have had snow for 3 days running. It had stopped now but is so cold. Anne x

  7. You are a busy chick! Love your knitting projects!

  8. Betsy, you are soooo busy. You act like you have had a calm weekend and look how much you got done. I love that you pray as you make those hats, you really are amazing.
    Hugs to you,

  9. Much like your husband, I can take rhubarb in almost any form. Love it. In fact, think I will make something tomorrow. Thanks for the idea :)
    When I post, I load all of my photo's first. There is an option to select the photos and I click on each to select all. I then type what I want to type under or above each photo. If you want, you can click on a photo and it will give you options to change the size of your photo as well as an option to add a caption. I use that option sometimes too.
    Looks like you have been doing some furious knitting too :) Great job.

  10. Thanks for sharing your days with us, Betsy. Your busy routine invigorates me! How did you get involved in crocheting burial buntings and come up with a pattern? I think you posted about it before and will search your blog. I can understand how making them is emotionally difficult, but it is a wonderful way to honor a life and be supportive of those suffering the loss of that life. When you import your photos try clicking on each one to select it then press cancel. You will have to press the select a photo button again and this time it should let you sequence the pictures the way you want to. I have had trouble with this as well, and I also had so much trouble centering my comments around each picture I have opted for posting all my pictures first then telling my story after the pictures :) [But I am still having great fun with blogging]

  11. Oh have been up to some beautiful stitching there! And cooking too!!!

  12. Hullo Betsy ah yes it is alllvelya dn do remeber the song and re the photos this is how you could do it:
    1. load htem up one at a time an add them at one at time,

    2.Load up all photos.
    Select All of them by clicking on them.
    Then de-select them all (but the one you want) by clicking on them again then.

    It will just add them as you select them from then on, one at the time.

    But if you dont do this: them all by clicking b. then de-select them by un-clicking them, they will come at once.

    Hope and pray have I made it clear? May God bless you with a happy safe Easter,
    love Shaz in Oz.x