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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Finally Better AND more SNOW!!

Good morning my lovely friends,

I think I'm truly on the road to recovery this time,(hoping anyway)! I stayed put in my chair or bed pretty much until Sunday afternoon. I went to church Sunday evening and did okay. Monday was better and yesterday I felt like myself for the first time in a month. I've started taking the Immune System supplements and oh my goodness they taste terrible. They smell like alfalfa but if they work it will be well worth putting up with a nasty taste/smell.

Now a small public service announcement for those of you who haven't heard online. KnitPicks has been hacked. They are saying that they sent letters to everyone affected, (I didn't get one), and that it was only if your card was used to order between late December 2012 and January 2013. Unfortunately I think they are unaware of the scope of this hacking. Both my daughter and I had our accounts compromised, mine to the tune of thousands of dollars and so have many others who didn't order during the posted timeframe. I haven't ordered since late November and she ordered before that. I only mention it here in the hopes that if you haven't heard the news and you've ordered from them at ANY TIME, please check the cards that you may have used. Knit Picks has not notified me in any way, yet they say they've notified all U.S. residents. Okay. Done with the public service announcement! :-)

First of all, isn't little Piper darling? This is a picture her Mama took with her phone and texted to me last Friday. I can't wait to get my arms around this little girl in a few weeks.

Hubby finally "bit the bullet," so to speak and bought himself a new pickup truck on Saturday. My it is pretty. It's powerful enough to pull our camper, which is the only thing that would get him to part with his beloved Ford Expedition that you see in the above picture. He really loves his Expedition and I think he'll like his new truck just as much, given time. He's had the Expedition a long, long time as it's a 2000 and they have become very attached. It's in such good shape inside and out, he's really agonized over this decision. We may still end up keeping it. After all, it's paid for so only insurance costs. However, we really don't have a place to park it now that the new baby is in the garage! I'll try to get a picture of it for the next post. It hasn't left the garage since he drove it home on Saturday with 23 miles on it! He's still driving his Expedition. It will be like taking a pacifier away from a baby if we do sell it! I did drag myself out of the house on Saturday long enough to sign the papers at the dealership. Then it was home for me.

The next picture is of a lovely package that came in the mail for me yesterday. Yes, I know there wasn't mail delivery yesterday, but the mail carrier delivered it to my neighbor on Saturday by mistake and she brought it to me yesterday. A lovely crochet hook holder from Taci at TaciStudio, and a felted heart from Meredith at Mereknits! Aren't they the cutest? I already have my favorite hook in the case and I wore the heart all day yesterday and I have it on today. They both remind me of the sweetness of my newfound friends in blogland. I never expected to make such sweet friends when I began blogging about my trip to Japan. What a blessing you ALL are to me.

I finished my afghan of squares last night. I made this one smaller, (twelve big blocks), than the last one so it would fit the loveseat better. It's a perfect size for visiting children to wrap themselves up in. This was my project last week when I just sat in my recliner all day. I do like how it turned out and the brightness of it. It cheers the living room up immensly on these snowy winter days. Yes it's snowing again this morning. Blah!

And these little shamrocks are a preview of something I'm working on now. I started making four-leaf clovers and then read that they aren't real? Is that true? Of course I could have made them anyway, but I really like the pattern for these little darlings. I'm seeing a garland for my kitchen island and maybe some pins made from these. What do you think?

The woodstove is being installed tomorrow so I hope to have pictures for you on my next post. Stay tunned for further details!

Shari at Laurens Closet has nominted me for the Liebster Award for a blog with under 100 followers. Taci of Taci Studios also nominated me and I'll answer her questions on my next post. I'm so honored that these two ladies nominated me. It was really very sweet. So here are Shari's questions and my answers.

1. WHAT DO YOU LIKE TO DO IN YOUR SPARE TIME? Knit & Crochet of course! Reading and camping too.
3. IF YOU COULD TRAVEL THE WORLD, WHERE WOULD YOU GO? Italy to visit, but I'd live in Hawaii
4. WHAT OR WHO INSPIRES YOU THE MOST? My husband. He is the perfect man. (after Jesus of course)
6. WHAT IS THE BEST THING ABOUT BLOGGING? All of you of course. I've met the best people in the world through blogging.
8. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE BOOK? The Bible. It's so full of life and love. It's best read front to back, not in pieces like we usually do.
10. DESCRIBE YOUR IDEAL DAY! Any day all of our children and grandchildren could be with us just being together.
11. IF YOU GO ON A PICNIC WHAT WOULD BE IN YOUR BASKET? Chocolate! Lots and lots of chocolate!

Thanks for visiting me today. I have to get to the post office and mail boxes off to Alex in Japan and the grandbabies. I bought them Valentine's candy to take them last week. Since we didn't get to visit them, I'm mailing them a big box of candy before I eat it all!

Have a wonderfully blessed day. Smile at everyone and you'll see it returned tenfold.



  1. Wow, Betsy, a full blog post! I love your blanket, perfect for brightening a room and for grandkids. I was shocked that KnitPicks has been hacked, I ordered my last yarn from them on 11/17/12 - no money has been stolen from our account, thankfully, but we'll be keeping an eye out. Sorry that happened to you. Yes, we need to set up a lunch when you're in town. See you soon! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Now that was a packed entry! Love your new love seat blanket. It does look mighty cheery laying there! The kiddies will love wrapping up in it. Glad you are feeling much better. Can't wait to see what the fireplace looks like.

  3. So glad you are feeling better. That Piper is a doll! Love the granny ghan you made. Great colors and design. Very sweet of Taci and Meredith to send you a little something handmade. You know, I've never ordered anything online. Just don't feel that I need anything that bad; if I can't buy it in a store, I just don't bother with it. Congrats on the new truck. Hopefully it'll actually get used pretty soon. Take care! Tammy P.S. Cute shamrocks, too. I made a few last year ... must make more. :)

  4. Hi Betsy! Just stopped by to have a read and see what you're up to! Glad you're feeling like yourself again! Hugs, Annette

  5. Glad you are getting back to yourself!

  6. Hi Betsy. I am glad to hear that you are feeling better now too. I am better, but still not 100 percent.
    Hope to be out of the woods by the weekend!
    xo Kris

  7. I am SO happy you are better.
    Love your new afghan and that photo of your baby granddaughter makes me smile--such a sweet, little cutie pie!
    I also love your handmade shamrocks...and now you have me thinking about one of my fav holidays and wondering what I will do this year to celebrate:)
    Hope they catch whomever hacked the accounts. It shocks me how people can do that to others...

  8. Betsy, so much to comment on. Glad you got your parcel, so sweet of Taci to send it to you. So happy you like your heart. I bet you are thrilled to be feeling better.
    Hugs to you sweet friend,

  9. I'm glad you're feeling better, Betsy. Your clovers are so cute - I think a garland would be a wonderful idea :o)

  10. Hello Betsy and so glad that you are feeling better what a month you've had. love the blanket. Have a mind to do one when I've finished several other projects!!
    Your granddaughter is beautiful. How far way is she from you? My GD's are nearby but sadly my grandsons about a two and a half hour car journey away. Luckily get to see them quite often.
    The crochet hook holder and heart are so sweet.
    Hope all goes well with the wood burner installation, we have been glad of ours this winter. Hugs Anne x

  11. So glad I stopped by today to catch up! I didn't know about the knitpicks hack. I was able to alert my mom and my sister. I don't think any of us were hit, but still....thank you!

    Hope you are feeling better. My mother used to tell me if it taste or smells awful, it has to here's hoping!

  12. Betsy, I love visiting with you!

    Thanks for another great post. I am so glad you are feeling better!!!

    It is great to see pretty Piper, and your happy new blanket.


  13. So glad you are feeling better Betsy!
    You are really busy now that you are feeling better.
    The baby is gorgeous...
    Can't wait to see you again and live the blanket :)