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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Friends & A Baby!

Happy Saturday friends! I'm still in Portland playing with Piper and her parents. But I slipped away yesterday for a fun afternoon with Gracie, Teresa and my new friend Taci. They are all bloggers who live here in the Portland area. Whenever I visit we try to get together. Unfortunately the picture I took of us all was with my 'real' camera and not my iphone so I have no way of showing you. I also need to try to learn how to embed links here so you can see their blogs too. They are all amazing women and have beautiful blogs. Mine is not nearly so interesting.

I did get a picture of the lovely gifts we exchanged. Gracie made a lovely snowflake based on Matt's blog. Taci crocheted me a beautiful bird of her own design. Teresa gave us all miniature skeins of glittery yarn. What fun!

Teresa gave us all tips on how to blog from our phones so it was s "working" lunch. :-). After lunch and lots if fun chatter, Taci headed to an appointment and Gracie, Teresa and I headed to the JoAnn's superstore. What fun we had there. Gracie captained the cart and we all proceeded to fill it full of goodies. I bought yarn, (big surprise there), supplies to make wreath pins and the thread to make some of Teresa's scandinavian hearts for Valentine's day.

I couldn't leave without a picture of Piper in her Christmas dress. Isn't she adorable?

The stockings I made for Brad and Mandy their first Christmas together. Piper's was obviously new this year. The yarn matched up very well don't you think?

Enjoy your weekend friends and I'll be back soon with a picture of my finished shawl.




  1. Hi Betsy, nice to see you posted and told about our fun day! I love the stockings you made! You're an amazing knitter. Have fun with the baby and have a safe trip home.

      *H*A*P*P*Y* *N*E*W* *Y*E*A*R*!*

    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Piper looks very pretty in her holiday dress! I am so glad you are enjoying time with her :)
    I really admire your ability and achievement in making so many lovely projects, Betsy. You inspire me to be more productive. In fact, I have been sitting here knitting my merino blanket :)
    Looking forward to our next meeting,
    xx from Gracie

  3. I love the stockings Betsy. I had a wonderful time meeting you in person. Your granddaughter is so beautiful and what a gorgeous dress. Can't wait to see your shawl!

  4. Hi I found you via RAV...but it is a small world. I am Blog Buddies with Teresa and Gracie. I am so envious when you ladies meet up for lunch. I wish I could pop over. xxx