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Thursday, December 8, 2011


I have no pictures for you this week.  I'm sorry.  Life has caught up with me.  So has "Miss E"!  Tomorrow is my last day babysitting for her, and while in a way I'm sad to see it end, I think it will be good to get my life back.  She's big enough for daycare and the plan was always that I would only have her until our vacation if she had put on enough weight to fight off the "nasties" that kids seem to pass around.  As she has gotten older she is awake more.  I have no other little ones to distract her so I'm her entire source of entertainment.  Not much else has been accomplished this week.

Sunday morning my dear husband and I will be flying across the Pacific to Maui for 8 days of fun and sun. And warmth.  Blessed warmth.  It's been below freezing for several weeks now and I'm ready to break out the sundresses and sandals!  Be assured I will take lots of pictures for you to see when we return.  We have a favorite condo complex literally 20 feet from the ocean.  Fully equipped kitchen, washer/dryer, pool, hot tub and ocean.  What more can you ask?

I think I'm ready for Christmas except for the food.  We'll have 3 days to prepare after returning home before the kids start arriving.  Our dear son-in-law just started a job in North Dakota while our daughter is home in Portland, OR.  They plan to be here along with our son and his family from Montana.  This will be our first Christmas without Alex.  He isn't able to come home this year and it will be hard for this mother to celebrate the first Christmas in 23 years without him.

I didn't want you to think I'd forgotten you dear readers.  Just not a lot to say this week.  Lots of packing and diaper changing going on and that's about it!  I hope your holiday preparations are going well.  Please leave a comment and let me know how you're preparing for Christmas.

I'll see you in about 11 days and have lots of picures for you.




  1. Hope you have a lovely holiday.
    Carol xx

  2. Thank you Carol. We certainly hope to. It at least has to be warmer there!