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Monday, October 10, 2011

Home Again!

This has been a busy summer for traveling and this past weekend was no different.  Since rain/possible snow was forecast for the area we planned to camp in, DH and I changed our plans and set off for the Seattle area instead.  Rain was also forecast for Seattle but it was a BeAuTiFuL day once we crossed Snoqualamie Pass to the west side.  I have some pictures of the trip for your enjoyment.  We were able to visit friends in Marysville, WA and I saw my first ferry that carries both people and cars.  Yesterday, we ventured back to Spokane via Stevens Pass.  We've never driven that route before but the autumn leaves made the longer trip very worthwhile.  We ate lunch in Leavenworth, a quaint bavarian town tucked into the Cascade mountains.  They're celebrating Octoberfest there and I've never seen it so busy.  We managed some Christmas shopping and were still home in Spokane in time for my wonderful husband and I to go to Red Robin for dinner!  Here are the promised pictures:

Windmills near Ellensburg,  WA

These cows were right outside our hotel window on Saturday morning!  We stayed in Ellensburg,  WA.

Snowqualamie Pass summit

Dennis looking over Puget Sound toward Whidby Island

The love of my life since I was 15 years old!

Light House and Ferry to Whidby Island in Mukliteo,  WA.

Heading up Stevens Pass, WA.  I wish the camera had captured the brightness of the leaves.  It was breathtaking.

The top of Stevens Pass.  So glad it wasn't snow!  We were actually IN the clouds!

Heading back down the other side of the pass into Leavenworth,  WA.

I can't belive I didn't take any pictures of Leavenworth to show you.  It's a beautiful little town.  We try to visit once every year.  It's about 3 1/2 hours from home though so it's a long day.  We usually leave early in the morning and come back the same day.

This weekend is a ladies retreat for our church.  Another night away from home!  I can't remember ever having a year like this when I'm gone so much.

On the knitting front I have one sock done and the other began for Alex's girlfriend in Tokyo.  I also finished two hats on the drive this weekend.  One for Alex and another for Junko, a friend of his that saw all the hats we sent to Japan.  She didn't want to take any hats that were going to the victims of the tsunami but really liked one of them so I tried to duplicate it for her.

Neither of them know that a box is on it's way tomorrow for them!  Alex also requested Sour Patch candy, (Yuck!) and had never heard of the pretzel M&M's when I told him about them.  Of course I bought him some and also Ibuprofen for his headaches.  Another request was Lowry's season salt.  It's always fun to send a box of things I know he needs and wants.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures and I'll be back soon!



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