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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

More Pictures!

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Hats, hats, hats!
More hats!
Hat & Scarf Sets!
I think I've got all knitted items still in my house photographed for you now.  Remember that two huge boxes have already been shipped!  You can see the light purple labels that I've attached to most of the items in these pictures.  The sayings are in Japanese AND English and read:

Handmade with care and love.
We're behind you all the way!
Hope this will bring some comfort to you.
Hope you'll stay warm.

These were provided by a native Japanese speaker and will help the recipients understand why we've done this for them.

I've had several comments from readers already and I'm so happy to get them.  I tried to reply to you in the comments section but google wouldn't let me.  Remember, I'm new to this and if any of you have ideas or help for me I'd love to hear it.

Nicole-I'm shipping the items, not packing in my bags.  There is no way I could possibly get all of this into my bags and then onto all of the trains I'll have to take when I get there.

To let you all have an idea of my travel plans:
Spokane, WA to Seattle-1 hour. 
Seattle to Narita-10.5 hours
Narita to Tokyo  (local train) 50 minutes
Tokyo to Hachinohe by Shinkensen (bullet train) over 5 hours
Hachinohe to Misawa (local train) 45 minutes
2.5 hours to Mutsu City

Travel in Japan is very efficient but it's a long, long way from Spokane to where our son lives in Mutsu City!  Planes, trains and automobiles!  It would be very difficult to try to manuver suitcases full of hats on all those trains.  It's much easier to ship them ahead of me.

Please leave comments, I'm very happy to read all of them-and I promise to read each and everyone!




  1. Dear Betsy, you are going to have such a blessed and memorable time in Japan... I'm so happy for you and I love your new blog!! What an awesome idea! Keep up the great work~! See you tomorrow, Love, Kim

  2. You will have a huge amount of travel, hugs for and from your son and great experiences. Looking forward to what you can share with us on your return.

    Your pictures are great and it is so nice that you have tagged each item so the Japanese people will feel our love and caring.

    Hugs and safe travels,


  3. Wow, what a lot of lovely hats. I'm sure the recipients will appreciate them.
    Hope your journey goes well.
    Carol xx