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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Fall is Here!

Hello my friends.  Fall has arrived.  We went from very warm temperatures to quite chilly weather over night.  With 50+ mph winds on Tuesday, many of the leaves have been blown off of trees.  The nip in the air makes it perfect for snuggling down at home with some blankets, hot tea and knitting though, so it's not all bad. :-)

Our camping plans fell through for the weekend after we got all packed up and drove to the State Park just outside of Spokane.  Would you believe that every spot except one was taken and the one left was not one we wanted at all.  We ended up going back home, unpacking the trailer and then Dennis winterized it for the year.  We didn't get to use it at all this year.  After getting everything stored away I called my sweet friend Alicia.  She worked with me many years ago and Dennis officiated at her and Jeremy's wedding several years ago.  Their little family had planned to stop by our campsite to visit on their way home after visiting a nearby orchard and pumpkin patch.  I invited ourselves along on their adventures instead!  Here's Dennis toting the boys pumpkins and Jeremy carrying a box of apples we picked in the orchard.
Kale and Hayden don't have any grandparents close by and even though they live almost 2 hours from us, they have adopted us as stand in grandparents.
I love Alicia.  She is such a sweetheart and I love that they like to spend time with us.  We may be with them for Thanksgiving this year too.  After the pumpkin patch, they came home with us and we ate the food we had planned to use on the camping trip so it all worked out.  I had pre-cooked a lot of things so it was just a matter of warming everything up.
Since the camping trip didn't work out, we decided to take an impromptu drive to Canada for lunch on Monday.  We were hoping to see some fall color and we weren't disappointed.  First we drove to Deer Park, WA and had breakfast and then continued on our way.  This ranch looks straight out of the old west doesn't it?
Lots of color everywhere we looked.
We made it into Canada after a long stop at the border.  Either the guards were bored or we looked suspicious, because they had us exit the car and they did a full search of the car.  Since the border crossing took so long, we only had time for a quick lunch in Trail, BC before heading back towards home.  We didn't want to be driving after dark when our goal was to see autumn leaves!  I always have difficulty when the signs are in km instead of miles.  I'm not good at the math conversion.
In Rossland, BC we found a street named for us.  :-)
And this interesting horse on the corner.
On another corner was this girl riding a pig!  Rossland is a really cute little touristy town high in altitude.
We crossed back into the States with no issues at the border whatsoever and stopped in Kettle Falls,  WA at an antique store that I like.  A few of these things are in my own kitchen and I've never considered them antiques!  What does that say about my age? Ha!
This precious pile of quilts and hand crocheted doilies and table toppers was beautiful.  Since we're trying to downsize, I didn't buy a thing, but the prices were unbelievably inexpensive.  A hand crocheted table topper about 28 inches in diameter was only $10.  That is just so sad to me.  So much work by someone and then sold so cheaply.
I've been knitting on a pair of men's socks since Monday.  They are for Jeremy and he wears size 11.5 shoes!  These socks are seriously huge!  As you can see, I ran out of yarn before I finished the toe on the first sock and knew I had to go by more yarn.  I had thought one 50g skein of Patons Kroy per sock would do it and that is turning out to be not nearly enough.
Here it looks like the pair is almost done, but don't be fooled.  I messed up on the top one and did the toe and kitchenered it closed before I measured. Two inches too short!  Oh no!  Rookie mistake.  (Did I mention above that I'm not good at math?)  They fit Dennis but not Jeremy, so off I went to buy MORE yarn and now I have two more socks to make.  I blame it on 1:00 a.m. knitting and tired eyes.  I read the measuring tape completely wrong somehow.  Oh well.  They will both get a new pair of socks and they can match each other. Ha! 
Our princess has been sick this week.  She even had to miss pre-school yesterday.  She was the snack helper and that's a big deal so she was disappointed.  Mandy tells me that today her fever is gone today and she seems somewhat better.  The "bugs" seem to be starting early this year. 
Dennis has one last vacation day tomorrow so we're planning to meet with our financial advisor in Coeur d'Alene, ID in the morning to sign some papers.  We're hoping the weather cooperates and we can play tourist and take a walk around the resort and the boardwalk on Lake Couer d'Alene.  We haven't been there all summer except for just driving through town.  For those of you who don't know, it's a town that the "rich and famous" like to play in.  Lots of Hollywood types have homes in or near Coeur d'Alene.  It really is a beautiful place.  If it rains as forecast we'll have to come up with a plan B.  I refuse to complain about rain after the dry summer we had. :-)

I want to get these socks off the needles so I can start on a test knit I've been asked to do for my dear friend Taci in Portland.  She wants to publish it soon so I have GOT to get busy.  But I promised Jeremy these socks by next weekend when we drive to Moses Lake, WA to watch Hayden's basketball game.  My hands are hurting from these little needles and the wool.  I think I need a break from socks for awhile.  I've been making a lot of them lately.

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you that I delivered 89 pairs of mittens to the school yesterday.  I forgot to take a picture though.  It was down from the 100+ pair last year, but they were still very happy to get them.  I think with the cold weather we're having lately, they will be needed very soon.  Everything was covered in frost the past few mornings.

I hope you all have a lovely week and are enjoying the change of seasons.

"And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him." Colossians 3:17

Blessings always my friends,


  1. Bravo on your 89 mitten delivery. Funny.. I was just thinking about your mittens for the kids and hoping you got some to those poor kids. I admire you doing that very much. They might need some hats and scarves, too! We're about to head off and try the Chinese Restaurant in Newport. I'll let you know how it goes. It's stormy here! The trailer was rocking and rolling last night due to the winds. Enjoy your fall weather and the knitting. Did you test my hat pattern yet? ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. The socks look great. What wonderful pictures of you all and the adventures you all have. I always love reading and seeing all about them. I have started to think of picking up my knitting again, too. Wishing you a lovely day sweet friend. ((hugs))

  3. I loved the photos of the orchard and pumpkin patch. I'm sorry your camping trip didn't work out but that you got to spend some time with your friends. Just what kind of contraband were you trying to sneak into Canada??? Ha! Congrats on the mittens. I'm sorting my yarn and trying to organize my craft room/office. If I find some more that I'm not going to be using, I'll send it your way.

  4. Too bad that you were unable to use your new caper this year. I hope you'll be the first ones to use it next summer.

    Congratulations on delivering the 89 pairs of mittens for the children. They will be welcome as the temperatures go lower. I love the socks: Kroy sock yarn wears very well.

  5. I LOVED your photos of your trip. It's still green here. I know it didn't make you feel good but your sock drama made my day. I can't believe how many silly mistakes I make these days. I hate to think I am having senior moments already but I guess I am no spring chicken. This old hen has had her day I suppose.

  6. 89 pairs of gift mittens. YOU ROCK. Im sorry you didnt get to use the trailer this year Betsy. So sorry. Your adopted family is lucky to have you!!!!

  7. The little girl on the pig made me laugh. Hope YOUR little one is feeling better soon.

  8. Sorry you got picked on by border patrol! But they did let you in and had a nice lunch. I'd like to see that antique store in Kettle Falls, WA! Nice display. I liked the white and red containers above the kitchen utensils. It's hard not to buy things like that. I like to buy doilies and table cloths if I can find them without a lot of stains. Knitting and crocheting oh my! You've been busy! I mess up patterns while knitting too! At least some of them I can pull out a few rows or stitches and do it again. We had wind and rain today. Not bad but more so tomorrow. Glad you had a fun time at the pumpkin patch with friends! Sorry to hear Piper was sick. Megan was this week too and I"m just so worn out lately. But thankful I slept better last nite and hopefully Piper is back to school soon! Hugs!

  9. So sorry you didn't get to go on your camping trip... Next time, if they take reservations, do that ahead of time... Some places don't take reservations though....?????

    But--sounds like you had a good time with friends and also on your Canadian drive... I guess you two looked like criminals to the border people... ha ha ha (MERCY ME!!!)

    I have a lot of antiques in my house also.. ha ha

    That is a lot of mittens. You are so generous... Thanks be to God.

    Hope Piper feels better soon. Bless her heart.


    1. They stopped taking reservations for the season as of October 1. Now it's first come, first served. There were several that came in after us too that had to leave. Oh well. There's always next year. :-)

  10. Loved the look of the antique shop, I am sure I would be tempted, maybe too much. Such a shame that you didn't get the trip that you had hoped for but all was not lost. It looks as if you had a great time with your friends at the pumpkin patch and visit. Well done on getting so many mittens done, I am just sorting out some things for shoeboxes to be delivered to children worldwide who are in need. Have a great weekend, hopefully Miss Piper is on the mend.

  11. 89 pairs of mittens? Betsy you are amazing. So sorry about your camping trip but it sounds like you had a wonderful weekend regardless. I wish it was Fall here, still at 90 degrees although there is a slight shift in the temps in the early morning or evening. Poor Piper. We are home today from school because I had a migraine and could not see to drive Little Buddy in. He is having a PJ morning and playing. Have a good weekend.

  12. Sorry your camping trip didn't work out, but it looks like you had good times despite that. The little girl on the pig is wonderful!! And 89 pairs of mittens - well done!

  13. Hi Betsy, I am sorry your camping trip did not turn out but how nice that you could spend time with special friends to take some of the disappointment away! Our youngest granddaughter had a fever this week also and upset stomach. I wonder what kind of winter we will have! I think 89 pairs of mittens knitted is still pretty wonderful! Just for the record my husband takes a size 14 shoe. Use to be size 13 but he has to wear braces now so needs a larger size to fit them in! Enjoy cuddling in a blanket and knitting! Nancy

  14. Poor little Miss Piper Betsy, my darling 88y.o dad is poorly too, temp and really snuffly, just praying it doesnt go to his chest. Trust she is on mend by now. I read this last night but things very busy here. As always.
    Loved your post so much going on, sorry you didn’t get to go in camper van for weekend but certainly was fun time anyway. Loved your socks etc, and smiled re maths. My dad was amaths master and was good at maths at school, but not so grand now, that was a long time ago! I’d do same thing, except in card making or calligraphy can’t just make another pair of socks 😁
    Blessing of our sweet Lord upon your weekend, my dear sweet sister in the Lord,
    Shaz in Oz.x

  15. It's no fun to get all packed up to go camping and then not be able to get a spot but it seems you made the best of it by going out with your adopted family to the pumpkin patch! That's a lot of mittens to knit, 89! Fall colors are definitely at their peak right now. Crazy. why you had such a rough time at the Canadian border, usually it's coming back through that is the problem! It looks like a beautiful town, we've never been there. Enjoyed your post today!

  16. Fabulous job on all those mittens; I am sure they will be well received. I just agreed to make my oldest GS some socks and was then amazed when I measured his foot. Wish me luck! Interesting about the difficult border crossing; where do you usually cross?

  17. Oh, sweet friend, it is always such a dear blessing to me to stop by here and visit with you! I love hearing what is going on in your life and hearing how you are doing. Poor, little Miss Piper! I am so sorry to hear she has been sick! May Jesus take this illness away and make her better! It was so precious to hear of your dear friends and the time you spent with them. It is no wonder they love you all so much and want to be with you. May the Lord bless your times together to always be filled with such love and joy! I can't imagine how blessed the little ones will be by the mittens you so lovingly created for them. Sending much love to you today and praying for you and hoping you are feeling well. :)

  18. What beautiful pictures of Fall up North and in BC. So sorry your camping trip didn't work out but it sounds like you made the best of it. What a ovely family you 'adopted' or vice-versa and I miss taking my children to the pumpkin patch each they take their children. sorry about the socks....if you're like me there are 2 sets of measurements one on each side and I have to ensure I am on the 'inches' side. The 89 pairs of mittens also might have contributed to your sore hands! LOL! The socks will be appreciated and I am using Paton's Kroy sock yarn and really like it. It's reasonably priced and good quality yarn, I think. So sorry that Piper is/was sick. They did say that the flu season is starting early this year. Enjoy your 'coziness' and maybe you should switch off and crochet something....just a thought! Hugs and blessings to you and yours!

  19. Wonder why they checked you so thoroughly going into Canada. Sorry to hear camping didn't work out but sure sounds like your alternate plans turned out great! Bless you for making all those mittens.

  20. That is a lot of mittens! You're so productive.
    Maybe the problem with the socks was that you were thinking metric.... ;)
    Going to Canada for lunch sounds so delightfully vagabondish. It looks like you visited some fun spots there.
    Enjoy the trip to Coeur d'Alene! We stopped overnight there on our way to and from Washington last fall. Such a lovely spot.

  21. So sorry Piper was feeling poorly and I trust she is well now. Thanks for sharing your beautiful unexpected trip with us, Betsy. I love that you found Queen Street :) It is wonderful that you were able to have pumpkin and apple fun with your extended family. Bravo on your mitten production and delivery! God bless you and Dennis. xx