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Friday, September 16, 2016


Hello my friends.  Remember last week when I showed you the photos of all of the hard work Dennis, Paul and Lori were doing?  Well here is the fruit of their labor.  A nice gravel area for Paul and Lori's grill and a parking place for the golf cart.  That's our camping trailer.
Another view.  I think they did a great job and it will help with a lot of the mud that seemed to plague this area.
Earlier in the week I painted my toenails while watching knitting podcasts and starting the second sleeve of Dennis' sweater.  My nails looked terrible from the gravel and dirt roads at the lake and since I had my annual physical on Wedneday, I thought I should attempt to make them look a bit nicer. :-)
The front of the sweater is complete.  Actually, the front, back and both sleeves are done.  Tomorrow I'll work on putting it all together.  It's supposed to rain all day so hopefully we'll be shut in the trailer and I can knit and we can watch movies.  Fun!
I started a new sock too!  Since this picture was taken I added another stripe and have the heel halfway turned.  Don't you love this yarn?  It's Knit Picks Felici yarn in the colorway "Dark Side".  I just love it and the colors make me happy.  I'm using the Yarn Harlot's, plain vanilla sock pattern and I'm very happy with how it shows off the yarn.
I also finished a baby blanket for a friend.
Dennis had today off, so we went out to breakfast and then headed out to the lake.  After we dropped Chloe off at the trailer we kept heading north.  We went through the little town of Chewelah.  Then we went on to Colville and ate lunch at a fancy place called "McDonalds".  Ha!  Actually we like their ice tea very much so we bought a burger to go with the tea because it was 86 degrees and we were thirsty!

Isn't the scenery here gorgeous?  
I couldn't capture the absolute beauty of the mountains all around us.  And these photos were only a very few miles from our lake.  We are so blessed with so much gorgeousness.  
Smoky the Bear had his picture on these signs all along the highway along with the message, "Only you can prevent forest fires."  As you can see, the fire danger is still very high up here.
We went as far north as several miles past Kettle Falls.  I wanted to keep going and drop in on fellow blogger Pammy Sue, but realized that would be very rude of us, so we turned around, drove back towards town and took a picture of the town sign instead.  :-). I believe that when we tuned around we were only about 15-20 miles from Canada.  Since our passports were at home we would have had to turn around anyway as we had run out of highway in the U.S.!
At a place called the "Trading Post" in Kettle Falls we found this really neat antique store. The prices were unbelievably cheap.  An example was a gorgeous solid wood rocking chair that was better made than anything you would buy now for only $50.  A beautiful pie safe for $60.  If we had taken Dennis' truck it would have been full and we don't even need any furniture!  There were rooms upon rooms upon rooms of beautiful things.
And then I found this.  Crochet thread for $1 each.  I bought several colors and was only charged 25 cents each.
Lots of yarn and knitting needles.  I didn't succumb to the yarn fumes and left it there. 
Dozens of quilts and quilt tops too.
And fabric.  Oh. My. Goodness.  The fabric.  There were shelves of it.  One piece I picked up was only 10 yards of cotton for $5.  So reasonably priced.
I loved this vintage fabric but left it behind.  Now, looking at the picture again, I'm kicking myself for not buying it.
After a dinner of pizza, Dennis and I took a mile walk along the lakeshore and then came back to our site and sat outside and watched the sun set.  This was our view. Isn't it pretty?
I just stepped outside to try to get a photo of the full moon rising above the trees. I couldn't get a clear picture, but I think this one is pretty anyway.
We had a wonderful day exploring theses little towns so close to us.  We used to do this kind of thing all of the time on weekends.  Now we tend to go to the lake and stay put because we like it so well.  Today was a fun change.  I hope you enjoyed taking our little day trip with us.

I also hope that you all have a lovely weekend and are enjoying the last of summer.

"Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it." Proverbs 4:23



  1. You certainly took us on a wonderful tour, you live in such a beautiful part of the world. What a bargain with the crochet cotton, I am not sure I would have been able to leave the fabric behind. No real plans for the weekend, just pottering the weather is not too good.

  2. Your toenails are looking pretty ♥

  3. How I would love to browse the Trading Post - thanks for the photos. Reasonable prices keep people coming back.

    Love the photos of the scenery and the gorgeous moon. Enjoy your weekend.

  4. Oh what a nice day out for you and Dennis! The antique shop sounds great. My dream piece is a Hoosier but that's not happening any time soon. I spent time at JoAnn fabrics last week getting last bits of fabric for a quilt project. I tend to buy classic fabrics if I fall in love with it. It's raining now and our new roof makes it sound different. Especially over the skylight that's not there any more. No leaks. Yet and hopefully not! Happy weekend. I need to get out and buy groceries. Hugs!

  5. There is so much to love in this post I don't know where to begin. Let's start with those toes! Precious photo!!!

  6. Well now dear Betsy, I want to hop in my car and follow the trail you and Dennis drove! I'm glad you had fun, and I marvel at your disciplined spending! You are such a good role model for me in many ways. I hope the medical folk that care for you on Wednesday appreciate seeing your pretty healthy toes. The moon was in and out of clouds last night but so pretty I tried to take a photo, with my iPad and it was not as clear as I had hoped it would be. We are getting a proper steady rain here today which the plants will surely like. I need to dash out to run an errand, but hope to paint a picture of some acorns and an Oak leaf later and then celebrate a friend's birthday. Happy Weekend! xxxxxxx

  7. I love seeing your homey post of handwork and painted toes.. I hope your doctors appointment gives you good news. What a fun trip.. I'd have loved that antique shop. I'd have found some room in the car for something.. lol! Good job on the crochet thread. We went to Kahneeta yesterday.. I'll share photos on monday. Enjoy your weekend. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  8. I always love reading about what you have been up to. Love seeing your beautiful work. Prayers for awesome news when you see your doctor. Blessings always sweet friend.

  9. Your day trip sounds wonderful Betsy. I love antiques, that store would have been so fun to see. I bet Pammy Sue would have loved to see you, I know I would!

  10. I've got an annual physical coming up too..
    The sweater is looking good.. as is the outdoor gravel area.
    We have rain here all day..

  11. What a fun day trip Betsy. You live in such a beautiful area of the country! The trading post looks like a lot of fun...I probably would have been in trouble. Gosh you knit the sweater for Dennis awful quickly, and your new socks are fun!

  12. You are so right..."gorgeousness" all around you! I don't like "fire danger" though..I'm much more used to! What a lovely day and it's a good thing that shop isn't by me....I'd be in trouble with prices like that and all things that I love! Your socks are stunning and I heard one of the other pod casters talking about Felici and really likin git. I'll have to try some. Enjoy the Fall!

  13. Ah great goings on indeed Betsy and I love that blue pansy fabric you'll just have to go back and buy it :) no wonder it gets so cold if you're that close to Canada.
    Thanks fir pooping over, Shaz in Oz.x

  14. Oops what a major typo, thanks for popping over!!! Eek.
    Well I commented on this post! Glad didn't do the last one too, I was obviously tired!

  15. I like the sweater! It looks good on him too♥