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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Sunshiny Days!

Hello my friends! We have had weeks of unbroken sunshine and warm temperatures. Perfect for lake living, at least in my mind. Tomorrow is supposed to be the last of the 90+F for awhile anyway and it will be a welcome break. I've even had the AC on at the trailer in the afternoons or it's too hot at bedtime to sleep. Today is supposed to be 98F. Ick! But since I'm home waiting for my new washer to be delivered I have lots of cool air conditioning here.

Yes. You heard that right. The repair estimate for my washer was over $400 and I bought a new one for $600 including taxes and delivery so we thought that was the better thing to do. My washer was only 11 years old and the repair person told me that they are building them to last only 8-10 years now, unlike my first one that lasted 20 years and was still working when we sold that house. The buyer wanted the washer and dryer and now I know why! I didn't get a super fancy one. I just wanted one that does the basics...water level, load size, delicate, normal, etc. So, it's supposed to be here between one and three today and none too soon. We're running out of undies and I almost had to make a trip to the Laundromat!

Here are a few pictures of my week.

This first picture is of the private residents swimming beach. This past week there was a family reunion and there were lots of people at the residents beach. Usually there are 8-10 people there at any given time. When you're swimming, you can see the bottom of the lake the water is so clear.

This is the public beach early in the morning about 6:00 when I was out for my morning walk. In the afternoon when it's hot there are hundreds of people here.

Just another early morning shot of "our" lake.

The resort staff has planted these happy sunflowers all along our road and they just began blooming this week. I love the joyful faces they turn toward the sun all day long. :-) The pansies are in one of my 18 flower pots I have around our trailer. The berries? I don't know what they are. Can anyone help me? Are they edible?

This last picture if the view I have when I'm laying back in one of our zero gravity recliners. The treetops in the blue, blue sky are beautiful to me.

In two weeks our family will ALL be together again if only for the weekend. I am just so excited I'm ready to POP! We're flying Hubby's Mom here from Nebraska on August 6. She'll be here two weeks. Alex, (our son who lives in Tokyo), is flying in on Aug. 7 for a week. Mandy, Brad and Piper, (live in Portland, OR), arrive on Thursday the 8th after work, for the weekend. Jamie, Kyleigh and Caleb, (who live in Helena, MT), will be here Thursday night also for the weekend. It will be the first time since Brad and Mandy were married over three years ago that we'll all be together. I can't wait!!!!!!! This Mama is so very, very excited. I know the time will go way too fast, but I'm determined to enjoy every single minute of every day.

Any of you Mama's that still have their children at home and it seems they will never grow up? Don't be in a rush. Those days go quicker than you think and I never for one minute thought our children would all leave Spokane for other cities, but that's where their careers took them and they made lives for themselves. When "old" people told me to enjoy every day when they were small I sometimes thought those people were a bit "off in the head". A screaming baby, unruly toddler??? Enjoy that? Now I understand and would take every one of those days back again just to have my children close to me.

So that's what our focus is on right now. It will be an interesting weekend too in the fact that it will be the first time we've been together with so many dietary challenges. Kyleigh and Caleb both have confirmed Celiac Disease which means no gluten at all. Piper can have no dairy or soy so that means Mandy can't have it. I need to find some good easy recipes soon.

I haven't made much progress on crafting these past days. I've been reading and just enjoying summer. I know that the long winter days are ahead and I'll get lots done then.

Have a lovely week my friends. I'll be popping in to visit you on your blogs as the week goes by. Hubby got me a hotspot for my phone so I can use my Ipad at the lake now! Very nice.

With all of the tragedies the past few weeks including train and plane crashes, let alone every day trials I thought this is appropriate.

"Come to me, all of you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest." Matthew 11:28




  1. Hi Betsy! The berries are on a Mahonia or here we call them an "Oregon Grape". I wouldn't recommend eating the berries. I'm totally excited for you to have everyone there.. as you know, I can relate. We hadn't had all of our kids and grands together for 2 years!! Have a ball.. I know you will. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. I would love a spot like this! I have always dreamed of enjoying summers on a lake with my kids! Glad you bought a new appliance! Repairs are outrageous!

  3. Loved your post today Betsy! I needed something good and positive after yet another horrible experience on Facebook this AM:(

    LOVE your lake--soooo pretty--and the flowers are too! I was going to say Oregon grape also--and I have heard you can make preserves from them, but I wouldn't as you don't know how they were raised--whether they were sprayed, etc. (Here is a link: )

    SO excited for you about all your great news...and SO agree with everything you said about appreciating our lives when we have kids still at home!
    Sorry about the (usual for me) long post...

  4. Betsy! I miss you, and so enjoyed catching up on your latest :) I am sooooo excited for you as you anticipate your family gathering!!! And I enjoyed your views of the lake and flowers and especially the trees from your recliner :) Ahhhh.... I am praising the Lord with you :)
    Gracie xx

  5. Hi Betsy! I always LOVE your lake posts!!! Makes me feel like I am there. You will be one busy lady when everyone arrives. But what fun you will have!!!
    I love our zero gravity chairs too!!!
    And, I love the hotspot feature!! I can blog anywhere!!

  6. Teresa-Thanks for the information on the Oregon Grape. I think I'll just leave it alone!

    Nantucket-Thank you. Yep. I'm very glad for the new appliance also. Maybe I can get another 11 years out of it!

    Aimee-I'm glad I cheered you up a little and thanks for the grape info. you gave me.

    Gracie-I miss you too my good friend. Maybe I'll be in Portland soon and we can all get together again.

    And to all of you, thank you for the lake comments. Sometimes I feel that I'm boring because my days are much the same in the summer. I'm glad you all still like my pictures.

    And thank you for the good wishes for my family time. I am so excited.


  7. The lake always looks so inviting. :)

    Hugs and blessings always sweet friend. :)

  8. Hi Betsy,
    I need the "rest in Him" verse after this week and think you will after your visitors God bless you all in it and esp little Piper...

    ...thanks for pickies enjoy you new machine!!

    .. and wont tell mine it is older than should be either, when use it I pray the LORD will keep it on going as does sound bit funny sometimes, it is nearly eleven years old :D. love Shaz in Oz.x

  9. What a wonderful summer and how be more than wonderful to have all of your family together... S happy for you!

  10. Hi Betsy,
    I'm waiting, waiting for baby to arrive. :-) I promise I'll work hard to enjoy these days.

    Check out the Wheat Belly Blog for interesting recipes. (Has Mandy tired raw milk? 15 years I went without ANY dairy. Oh, what a delight it is to indulge in them again - if not pastuerized.)


  11. I would love to spend some time there!

  12. Oh Betsy I am so excited for you, all of you together will be such fun, so many wonderful memories will be made.
    Hugs to you,

  13. What gorgeous pictures Betsy, I just love seeing images of the Lake!
    I am overjoyed with excitement for you that your family will all be together soon. Wonderful memories will be made for sure....Take lots of pictures and I want to hear all about it!
    Lots of Love, Shari