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Monday, March 19, 2012

Hello Again!

My goodness it's been a long time since I've been here. I'm still trying to figure out the photo "thing." I really can't justifuly paying for a blog, but blogspot seems to want money to have me post pictures. Maybe I'll delete some old ones??? What have some of you done in similar circumstances?

I just returned from almost a week in Portland, Oregon visiting our daughter. She's 13 weeks along with our newest grandchild! We had a wonderful time. She's still pretty sick but seems to be getting a bit better. We went to IKEA and bought a new duvet and cover for our bedroom. I've wanted a nice duvet since we were in Paris a few years ago. They're so nice and squishy and snuggly!

We also bought yarn for a baby blanket I want to make for the new baby. I've never attempted charts but I think I'm going to try it for this blanket. It's a free ravelry pattern with sheep around the borders and the sun and moon. Hopefully it will turn out nice. I wanted my daughter to choose the colors she wanted and now I just need to muster my courage to begin knitting!

Hubby was in Indiana for business last week so on Friday he flew into Portland and had the weekend with our daughter too. We drove home together yesterday and it's a much nicer drive with company. Especially since I got to knit the entire way until it got too dark.

A friend from church that is in the military is being sent to Tokyo for temporaty duty. He leaves next week and he has offered to take Alex a care package. Since it costs around $75 each time I send a small box to him, we are eagerly taking Mike up on the offer. I have a video, book, calendar and some Easter candy for him so far. We don't want to overload our friend down but it's nice to have "free" shipping!

We hae blue sky and temps around 40F today but there is a winter storm watch for tomorrow and tomorrow night. Possible a foot of snow in the mountains and 4-6 inches down here in the valley. Blah!! I'm so ready for spring. Flowers were in bloom in Portland and it was so beautiful.

Well, I need to get my laundry going. Take care and please know that I love knowing you are all out there in blogland. Please leave a comment so I know who is there.




  1. Hi Betsy, I didn't realise you had to pay for photos over a certain number. Guess I'll find that out when my blog is a bit older. I've wondered why on some blogs the older posts just have the "star" where a photo should be.
    The blanket sounds wonderful, I do like sheep!
    Carol xx

  2. So glad to hear from you! How joyous to visit with your family and make plans for a new baby! Yeah!!!
    As for paying for photos on blogger...I've been blogging for almost two years now and post photos all the time. I've never seen them ask for a fee. Hmmmm.... I wonder why?
    A friend posted a tutorial on how to change the dimensions of the columns so that finally I can make my pictures x-large. Now Grandma can see her grand babies without having to squint. ;-)
    Have a great week!
    Ps. We had a winter blast today too! Etienne cried when he saw white after waking from his nap. "No 'no!" (No snow - is what he was trying to say.)

  3. Hi, Betsy, a new grandchild is always such a blessing. Is the new blanket going to be intarsia or is it stranded? mary in Cincinnati

  4. Sorry about your cold weather. Its suppose to be 87 here today in Alabama. Dogwoods, tulips, and azaleas are in bloom right now. The buttercups and golden bells are about gone. I love this time of year but spring is a little early for us this year. Charts are easy, let us know if we can help you with them. Patsy