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Friday, January 6, 2012

I'm still here!

Happy Friday! I LOVE Fridays. It means that I get to look forward to Saturday & Sunday-two days with my sweetheart. Even after almost 34 years my heart goes pitty-pat when he's near.

Well, I found out what's wrong with me. I have shingles. Very painful and something I could do without. Apparently if you've EVER had chickenpox, the virus stays live in your body and can reappear later as shingles. Usually people are older than me, but obviously not always. The Dr. Informs me I have to stay home and most importantly, away from new babies. It is nice to finally know what's wrong and that it will go away.

While I have been cooped up at home we have had record warm temperatures. 57F Earlier this week. It is getting colder now though. My son has even been riding his motorcycle to work in Montana. That is unheard of in January!

What are you all doing with the new year? Any resolutions? Mine was to go back to Weight Watchers now that I'm not babysitting anymore. Obviously that hasn't happened with being sick since the first.

I'll be back soon and hopefully much better, this is no way to start the year-although I have got a lot of crocheting done! Blessings everywhere.




  1. Oooooh! SO sorry to hear about the shingles! I had them when I was 31 AND pregnant - AND the husband was in a different country. I fully understand the pain!
    Regarding Weight Watchers, have you read anything about a wheat free diet?
    As you may (or may not)know, I've done a lot of research about estrogen dominance. Recently I found that wheat in our diet influences our estrogen levels - which is connected with weight gain, lower back pain, insomnia, insulin levels, migraines - just to name a small few.
    If I may suggest - check out a site for progesterone therapy and another site by the author of the book "Wheat Belly".
    I don't advocate for just one idea as there are weaknesses with both but I've found medical research documents that show a definite link between the two (wheat and estrogen levels). Give it a try for a couple of weeks. I'd love to hear how it goes!
    Cheers from a similarly warm Northern country!

  2. sorry about the shingles hope you have a mild case.

  3. Thank you ladies! It seems to be a mild case as far as pain and actual blisters go. I'm still running a moderate fever though and that has been one week today. I've been given an antiviral medication that was supposed to help with the severity.
    Kaylana- I've been doing some reading on "wheat belly" while I've been sitting here and will discuss it with dear hubby. Thanks for the info.

    I'm so glad to read your comments. They are very appreciated.

  4. Hi Betsy, I'm so sorry to hear of the shingles! I've had friends who have had that and I've heard it's very painful. Hang in there and get better! I hope you have plenty of yarn to keep you busy.
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. Thanks Teresa! Lots of yarn and projects to work on. :-) I'm just beginning the border on my queen size wedding blanket. Hopefully there will be pictures on here soon. I've never figured out how to post pictures on Ravelry.