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Saturday, September 10, 2011

In Japan

I made it!  So here I am. I arrived yesterday late afternoon, and by the time I went to bed I had been awake over 26 hours!  No sleep on the plane thanks to my seatmate. Long story.  Anyway, I am still in Tokyo with Alex and Anri.  Anri was so sweet, she let us both stay the night at her family's condo.  The bed was sooooo nice!

Today we will take the shinkensen (bullet train) to Aomori and Alex's apt.  On Tuesday or Wednesday we hope to begin passing out the knitted items.  He has a few days off work this week so we want to get it done right away.  Here are a few pictures of my arrival.  Excuse the jet lag!

 Mayako, Yoshi, me and Alex at the airport. They all came to meet me!
 Me with Yoshi and Yu. They stayed with us this summer in Spokane.
 Me and Alex on the Narita Express from the airport. Excuse the jet lag and the triple chins.
 Anri, Alex's girlfriend of two-and-a-half years (and maybe my future daughter-in-law?!) We took this picture at the Ebisu Garden Place, just a station away from Shibuya--the Times Square of Tokyo.

We'll try to keep the blog up-to-date, but we will be traveling all over the Tohoku and Hokuriku areas, and there might not be Internet access. Nevertheless, we'll try our best!



  1. What an exciting journey! Enjoy your time with your son!

  2. So glad you arrived safely. Have a great visit.