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Monday, September 26, 2011

Home Again!

Good Monday morning to all of you.  I have many, many pictures of my trip but I thought I would begin by posting the thank you comments Alex received by email BEFORE I even left to come home.  People were so grateful.  Alex found a website that lists needed items and also items people have available for donations for victims of the earthquake/tsunami/radiation disasters.  We ended up mailing about 15 boxes out directly to individuals who were too far away for us to drive to.  These were emails recieved by Alex.  I've included the original Japanese message and also Alex's translation.

(2011/09/14 16:27)



(2011/09/14 07:47)
 (2011/09/17 12:57)




(2011/09/17 10:59)

  (2011/09/14 20:11)
本日受けとりました!子供たちは、箱を開けたとたん飛び付き 早速 帽子をかぶっています(^_^;)

デザインもどれも素敵で手作りした方の気持ちがこもっているなぁと ますます感謝の気持ちでいっぱいになりました
大切に大切に使わせていただきます 本当にありがとうございました

 (2011/09/13 16:33)





(2011/09/14 13:08)
こんにちは 先ほど 受け取りました。 メッセージがついていて嬉しかったです。手編みは 心がこもっていて とても気に入りました。近所の友達も うらやましいって言ってますよ。私は 指なしのレインボーの手袋が気に入りました。大切に使わせてもらいます。お母様にも よろしくお伝えください。

 (2011/09/14 23:45)



The hats and scarves all arrived in one piece. Tohoku’s winters are cold, so these will be of great help. Thank you!
We’ll treasure them.

Good morning!

My reply is late, but the hats and scarves arrived last night

The colors were such a warm blue that my son loved it!

We’ll cherish them. Thank you!

Thank you for coming all the way down to Ishinomaki the other day.

I took the hats, scarves, and blankets to the daycare center.

All the children were happy to wear the hats. Thank you for your support!

Please tell your all the people who made the hats thank you, too.

Sorry for the late message!
Everything got here safe.

Next month there will be a “mommy’s meeting”, so I’ll hand them out to the ladies there.

These will be a great help!
Thank you so much!!


We got the hats today. The kids snatched the hats out of the box as soon as I opened it. They still have them on! I wonder if they’ll ever take them off…
All of the designs were beautiful, and I could feel the love of the people who handmade each one. I’m filled with a feeling of gratitude.

We will cherish and treasure them!
Thank you so very much!

I received 3 children’s hats and scarves from you.

My heart was warmed by each and every one of the messages tied into the hats and scarves.

I would have liked to send a picture of my three children wearing them, but I’m not really sure how to work this site, so I plan on sending you a letter with a picture.

They look so warm; they will help a lot!

Thank you. Please tell your mother and everyone who made these hats thank you.
Kindest regards.

Korin Korin

Hello. I received your package a few minutes ago. I was happy to see all the messages. I could see all the loving care goes into all of the hand-knitted items, and I like them all. All of my neighbors say that they’re jealous of me! I really like the fingerless rainbow gloves myself. We will cherish them all! Give everyone who made these beautiful gifts a big thank you!


The hats and scarves arrived.
Thank you for taking the time to send them. I will cherish them. I will take some of them to my friend tomorrow!

I hope these messages warm your heart the way they did mine.  The devastation we saw was horrible.  I will share some of those photos in the next post.  I didn't get out of the car to take pictures because I didn't want to be seen as just another tourist, so I just snapped pictures as we drove through the towns to make the deliveries.

It was an interesting journey to say the least.  Last Saturday we had earthquakes all day long.  Many were above 6.0.  Since we don't have earthquakes in Spokane, they were nerve-rattling to me.  I was alone for most of them since Alex wasn't home.  For those of you in earthquke prone areas, you probably think I'm a sissy but I've only experienced one very small earthquake before in my entire life.  In Japan, no one even stops what they're doing since earthquakes are so common.  However, by the end of the day Saturday, everyone was commenting on how many had happened that day and people were getting concerned that they may be a precursor to a larger one again.

Then, last week a HUGE typhoon struck Okinawa and the main island of Japan.  Would you believe the typhoon just seemed to hover directly over the disaster area?  Those poor people just can't seem to get a break.  Several families had just moved into new temporary housing the week before that the government provided.  Those homes were completely flooded out by the typhoon.  So, for a second time in less than six months they are homeless again and have lost everything.

I had never experienced a typhoon before either.  So, all in all it was an eventful two weeks.  I'm still recovering from jet lag.  By the time I arrived home on Saturday and went to bed I had been awake for 31 hours!  I was in a daze all day yesterday, but managed to go to both morning and evening services at church and get some crocheting done on a blanket that needs to be finished tonight.  It's a gift for my friend in the nursing home and I want to deliver it to her tomorrow.  The nights are getting much cooler here and she will need this extra blanket to cuddle up in.

I'll be back tomorrow with pictures for you all.  I wanted to post this morning though and let you know I'm back and how very grateful the recipents of all of your lovely gifts were.

See you later!!




  1. Welcome back and thank you, Ms. Betsy!
    I am convinced that you are an angel in disguise.

  2. Glad you are safely home and that you had a successful and interesting trip - maybe a little TOO interesting with earthquakes and a typhoon! LOL.

    Those messages make me wish we could have blanketed the entire area with hats and other items but think you did an awesome job with what you gathered together and sent/took/distributed.



  3. Wow! What an exciting trip! The time sure flew by, didn't it?
    I'm glad you made it there and back safely.
    Blessings upon you!!!

  4. Thanks for posting all this! I will link up to it for tomorrow's yarn along!