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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Address for sending items to Japan

I mentioned in my post earlier today that unfortunately I can't continue to collect items for Japan.  After that was posted I recieved a message on Ravelry from craftyrider who gave me a possible link.

I emailed the contact given to me and he graciously emailed me back a long note about his project.  His name is Bernd Kestler and he lives in Yokohama, Japan.  He would LOVE to continue recieving items from any of you would like to continue sending them.

He is also collecting knitting needles and crochet hooks and yarn.  Preferably natural fiber yarns but will take anything.  They are teaching classes in all of the various areas affected by the tsunami/earthquake/typhoon.

How wonderful is this?  I know many of you still want to continue to help.  He said he knows postage can be an issue but that even "one wooley hat will keep someone warm and will fit into an envelope with not much postage".  He clearly has a heart to help the Japanese people.  Here's his address:

Bernd Kestler
Yokohama-shi 223-0062
Hiyoshi Honcho 6-39-9

His blog is at

I hope any of you interested will check it out.  I'll be back tomorrow and show you the pictures of Kamaishi as promised.



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  1. I missed this opportunity so I'm glad to be able to help!