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Monday, August 3, 2015

Monday, Monday

There I was on Friday afternoon at the lake.  It was 103F outside so I sat inside the trailer with the A/C on full blast, Sophie on my lap and crocheted the afternoon away while watching TV.  Nita and Lori were swimming in the lake but I'm not allowed to do that. 

I want to thank each one of you for the sweet comments and all of the love you've shown me over the past few weeks.  I can't believe how much it means to me to have you all thinking of me and praying for me. It was a rough weekend pain wise.  My sweet Mandy has made me put another call into the doctor this morning.  I haven't heard from them yet.  She said I shouldn't be having this much swelling and pain almost four weeks after surgery.  I hope they have some answers.  Now, enough of that.  There were some pleasant moments.

This was sunset Friday night.  They took me to the beach in the golf cart so I could at least wade in the lake after it cooled off a bit. (I think it was about 90F).  Look at that sunset.

Just a few minutes later... We have so many fires burning up here right now.  Friday night there was one about 15 miles away from our trailer.  It went from 10 acres to over 200 in just a few hours.  I think it's in the "mop up" stage now.

This was the plume of smoke we saw when it first began.

Larry and Dennis during my wading excursion.

The sky on Saturday.  Smoke from the Chelan, WA fire and the Ford, WA fire were both drifting directly over us.  It doesn't look much better today here in Spokane.  It reeks of smoke when we go outside.  Since it was so nasty we had to stay inside the trailer on Saturday, we decided to come home after dinner.  Compare this with my normal gorgeous blue sky and lake photos.  So sad.  But there were still skiers out there!

I did get all of these hats made while sitting inside the trailer Friday and Saturday!
Now I'm off to the airport to pick up my sister and brother in law.  They'll be here until Saturday.  It will be SO good to see them.
Blessings and much love to you all.