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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Cozy Days!

The temperature has dropped and so I'm spending as much time as I can in front of this:
So  toasty warm.  Sophie seems to like it too as this is where she's spending her time  On my lap.  This photo was the beginning of a sweater I knitted for her on Monday.  It's finished now and I'll show it to you being modeled by Miss Sophie herself next time.  I forgot to take a picture for today's post. 
I am enjoying having her around.  Shee sleeps all snuggled up to us every night.  She's under my arm right now.  Tiny little thing.

See my new sign?  I used to have a tiny little picture above it.  Dennnis and I bought this picture for our 25th anniversary because it reminded us of the narrow streets of Paris.  The frame was bright gold and neither of us like it.  I rubbed some black paint on it to age it and we like it much better.  It hangs in our dining area and this sign was perfect.  A bargain at 50% off at Hobby Lobby last month.
Do you see the quail on the shed roof?  I see five here now but originally there were about 10 up there.  By the time I got my phone to take a picture several had flown away.
This is what I've been working on Monday night and yesterday.  I'm an official "square joiner" for a craft group.  We have crafty people all over the US and Canada who donate and there is a different recipient each month.  I have been remiss in joining squares the past few months with all of the activity around here.  So.  I have begun making some blankets.  Ladies from the group send me 7 inch knitted or crocheted squares and then it's my job to crochet a border around each square, join them together and then crochet a border around the blanket and mail them to the recipients.  Here's the latest one, finished last night and washed today.  (See Sophie in the upper right corner?)  The blankets I'm making this month will go to the Navajo reservation in Arizona.
Another view.  This blanket is about twin size.
I have squares stashed everywhere!
A  pile of red, white and blue squares that I'll make into a lapghan this week for the Veteran's Home.
Nita likes to crochet but only knows how to go back and forth in double crochet.  No problem.  I told her how many rows to crochet and she gives me the squares.  She like's purple!
These will be given to the local Children's Crisis Center.  The top one is toddler size and the bottom one closer to crib size.
That's about it.  The weekend wore me out.  Monday morning I spent 3 1/2 hours getting the oil changed in Dennis' truck.  They were so busy putting snow tires on it was a long wait.  Then I got home, called Dennis and we realized they had used the wrong oil.  So yesterday I had to go back to get it changed AGAIN!  At least they expedited me and I didn't have to wait as long.  Now it's at the dealer for warranty work.  I'm pretty much stuck at home with no vehicle.  No problem.  I love to be at home with my yarn, fire in the fireplace and Chloe and Sophie.  :-)

I still need to get my snowtires mounted and put on but I think I'll wait a week or two until the furious rush dies down.

Have a lovely afternoon my friends.  I'm going to get my crochet hook out and start working on bordering some squares!

"I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you"  Psalm 119:11

Blessings always,