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Monday, April 21, 2014


I've been informed by a most reliable source, the calendar, that spring has arrived.  I see by other people's blogs that flowers are blooming, grass is green and gardens are growing so I know it must be true.  I also know that our elevation is higher and thus, it takes longer for the blooming to begin, but I admit, I am impatient for blooms.  

This is the flowering pear tree in our back yard.  The buds are there.  Just waiting to break forth.  Maybe soon.  Maybe soon.
My rhubarb is happy though.  I just took this picture a few minutes ago.  I'll be able to start harvesting soon.  That makes me happy and Hubby even happier as he loves anything made with rhubarb.
A few pictures of Miss Piper this weekend, sent by her Mom.  I hope you don't mind.

She colored eggs with her Daddy and Mandy said she loved it.
She looks fascinated by those beautiful eggs.  Notice her shirt, given to her at birth by one of Brad's fellow pilots.  It finally fits. :-)
Easter Morning just before church.
Isn't she cute?  Apparently she caught on to hunting for the plastic eggs in the back yard very quickly.  Since she can't have any dairy, they filled the eggs with her cereal and she was thrilled with it.
No candy in her basket, but a book and a few small toys. She looks pretty interested.
This is my new project for my best friend Jenny.  She has a tall file cabinet at her office that is driving her crazy.  It was obtained used and it has a few dings and dents.  She wants to cover up those imperfections with a filet crochet runner.  Would you believe it needs to be 162 x 20 inches?  It will take me awhile won't it?  But their office is quite homey and their color is purple in the office so this should be nice.  You can't see the pattern very well yet, but it has roses and leaves in the filet design.
I hope you had a wonderful Resurrection Sunday.  We went to celebrate our Risen Saviour at church and then had a lovely lunch with Jenny, Neal and two of their kids and one grandchild.  They are truly our family.  Shane, (their son), has been our son Alex's best friend since Alex was 5 and I Shane was 6 or 7.  They still do snap chat on their phones almost every day, even with the time difference between here and Japan.  Neal is Hubby's best friend and Jenny is mine.  Quite convenient wouldn't you say?  We truly love their kids and I know they love ours.  Just like family and sometimes even more so.

We stayed at the lake last night and I had fully intended to stay until Wednesday, but the weather is cold and rainy and supposed to stay that way all week so I decided to come home and crochet where it's warmer.  There really is no place like home.