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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Blessed Sunshine

Hello everyone.  My name is Sophie.  My  Mom is on a cruise, so while my Dad is at work during the day I get to come visit my camping buddy Chloe. But, I'm going to let you in on a secret.  My favorite place when I visit here isn't with Chloe.  It's here.  On Betsy's lap while she crochets.  Or knits.  I don't care which she does as long as she has a soft blanket on her lap for me to cuddle in.  I only weigh about 4 pounds so I get cold easily.
Usually Betsy uses fluffy yarn when I visit but this visit she's been using this tiny, skinny little tthread.  That's okay.  It still covers me up nicely while I nap.
This is me. Betsy.  Sophie wanted to tell you all hello this morning.  It's been fun having her around this week.  She comes about 6:00 in the morning and stays until about 6:00 when her Dad gets off work.  He usually eats dinner with us too.  Larry doesn't work on Fridays, so after today she won't be back until Monday.  Nita is on a 10 day cruise to Panama and the western Carribean.  Must be rough!  :-)  This is her 20th cruise in the last 7-8 years!  We call her the cruise queen.  She's been on so many, she goes really cheaply now.  Apparently you get better deals each time you cruise with them.

Most of you will probably remember that Larry and Nita are our neighbors at the lake.  We've known them for over 20 years.  I've enjoyed having Sophie around.  She and Chloe get along so well.  I really believe she thinks Chloe is her mom.  When they got her last summer, the first place they went was Loon Lake.  So she saw Chloe within a few hours of leaving her mother.  She immediately bonded with Chloe and loves to be with her.  I walk them down the street to the mailbox everyday and such a sight they make together.  Chloe a lab and Sophie, a toy poodle.  Big and tiny.  But the same exact color.  It' hilarious.

I have finished the doily for Teresa and it's blocking on the bed in the guest room right now.  It ended up being about 31 inches across.  I won't show a completed picture of it until I give it to Teresa on the 21st when us blogging girls get to have lunch again.  Yep. I'm going to see Piper again so I get to see the girls.  Yippee!
This is the thread that I used.  I used two balls full.  When I finished late last night, I had exactly 27 1/2 inches left!  I was really getting worried that I would run out before I finished.
What a difference two days makes!  The snow is completely gone!  A "Pineapple Express" roared through late Tuesday night and yesterday and I literally watched the snow disappear before my eyes.  Now we have flood warnings out because of the rapid snowmelt and heavy, heavy rain.  The sun is peaking in and out today and its wonderful.
Not green grass yet, but an improvement over the 16 inches of snow that was on the grass Tuesday!
Yes.  This says 68 degrees on the back deck.  It's really about 52, but the sun is shining directly on the thermometer so it looks warmer.  I'll take the 52 and very happily!  Maybe spring is really on the way?
I think today I will start knitting a simple garter stitch baby blanket.  I need something simple with big yarn and big needles after the doily.  Have a wonderful, wonderful day my friends.  



  1. Oh I am in love with Sophie. She looks so sweet all cuddled up in your lap. Oh if we could have a dog, I'd want one just like little Sophie! :)

    The doily is amazing. You did such a wonderful job...and with only two balls of thread. Yay! :)

    Wishing you a most lovely day sweet friend.

  2. Lovely to meet you, Sophie. :) The doily looks terrific! You did a great job with it. I've never experienced the Pineapple Experience but it sure looks effective! Wow, it looks like a whole different time of year there now. Enjoy the warmer weather.

  3. Your doggie, is such a cutie and I am sure being next to you is the absolutely best for her. I could hardly believe you have NO snow. Unbelievable. Lucky You all.. But we have sunshine today to and I can see the snow melting away but I reckon we will not be so lucky to have it disappear in 2 days. You beat us in the temp. We are only 50 F today but we all are loving it. Have a sunny week, Betsy. Hugs Judy

  4. Sophie is so sweet looking. How fun to get to babysit her all day. She looks like she enjoys staying with you in your lap too. What I can see of your doily looks great! Teresa will be so pleased. You are a tease for making us wait to see it after she does. Glad your weather has warmed up for you.

  5. How nice of you to babysit that little fluff ball! She's a lucky doggie to be able to cozy up in your lap while you crochet. I see she's giving the doily a little of her juju! From the peaks at the doily it looks beyond gorgeous! I can't wait to have it in the place of honor on my baby grand! I can even visualize it with my crystal candelabra in the center of it. Liberace would be jealous! LOL!! I'm so looking forward to our blog girls lunch soon. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  6. What a cutie pie! she is a lucky little dog to have such wonderful neighbors to take care of her. ( Loved her introduction BTW). Yeahhhh!!!!...the snow is gone! A sure sign Spring will be in your neighborhood soon!
    Have fun with the "girls"
    xx Shari

  7. This post is so much fun to read, Betsy...and the comments :) Brace yourself, I suspect that more of the pineapple express is headed your way, at least we are getting A LOT of rain and when I went shopping on Tuesday the temp got up to 64 and I had to take my raincoat off because I was hot!
    I'm glad you have been having a good week with Chole and Sophie. The doily is magnificent! I am headed off to a women's retreat at Twin Rocks, near Rockaway Beach tomorrow and am all excited about seeing the sea :) xx

  8. Sophie is adorable!!! I know Teresa will love her doily that you made!!! Can't wait to see it. Enjoy the warming weather!!!
    xo Kris

  9. Your little guest sure is a sweetie. I can not wait to see the doily all blocked and finished. You are such a good friend to make this for Teresa. Hugs to you Betsy.

  10. Sophie is sooo cute. And the doily is just so beautiful xx

  11. gorgeous doily. I like to switch from lace to garter too!

  12. Oh isn't Sophie adorable! She looks like my Henry. He is apricot and is only 4 pounds also. =) Thank you for your kind comments Betsy. I cannot respond to them, as you are a no reply commenter. You can change that on your dashboard if you want.

  13. What a beautiful little visitor! I don't think there are many things nicer than creating something with a lovely dog curled up nearby. Your doily is simply amazing - what a talent! Xxx

  14. Cute post. Nice dog.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

  15. Sophie is TOO cute! I wouldn't mind snuggling up with her too! Love the doily--you are SO talented! YEA spring--a GREAT time to visit us here in Oregon:)
    PS: We have flooding in areas and there was a landslide near the coast too. We badly need the week of dry weather that has been forecasted.