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Thursday, December 1, 2011

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!

Good Morning!

Yesterday I didn't have little "Miss E" so I decided to take the opportunity to decorate the house for Christmas.  I'm not fancy and almost all of the decorations are at least 20 years old, but the kids would have a fit if I changed anything from their childhood!  So with no further ado, here are a few pictures.

The tree is a fake.  There.  I said it.  It's also prelit.  I have to confess that although I L-O-V-E real trees, they never last long enough.  Obviously I decorate early in the season, and I don't take the decorations down until into January when we have our last Christmas get together with our small group Bible study.  The real trees dry out and become a fire danger long before we're done with them  We tried it for several years and it was just too stressful. So, I found this one a couple of years ago at an after holiday sale for $39.00.  It's 7 feet tall and I think it looks beautiful, artificial or not.  Since I collect angels, someone usually gives me an angel ornament every year.  I gave all the kids their individual yearly ornaments as they moved out, so the tree was rather bare for a few years.  It's filling up nice now with angels and  snowmen, don't you think?  The star on top was from my husbands first Christmas.  His mom gave it to me the first year we were married for our tree.  How thoughtful was that?  The star has been around for 55 years and has graced our tree for 33 years now.  Can you see my new treeskirt?  I crocheted it just this year.  Our daughter moved into her new home last year and I promised her the family tree skirt years ago.  She didn't forget. The day they closed on the house she called and asked for the tree skirt and the china!!  That's what I get for promising that when she moved into her first house she could have both.  She is truly my traditionalist child and doesn't like things to change.

I made this nativity scene for our first Christmas together in 1978.  I handpainted every figure and the stable.  Three kids and 33 years later and not one item has been broken! Amazing!  Our daughter has asked to inherit it someday.  She will truly appreciate it for it uniqueness if nothing else!

Nothing fancy here and it's another gloomy day so some of the pictures didn't turn out very well.  But I like the granny blanket on the sofa and the Christmas balls in the big bowl.  Please ignore "Miss E's" blanket on the back of the sofa!  The reindeer were a gift from my secret sister a few years ago.  I think they're beautiful.

This is a new gift to myself as of yesterday.  I found it at JoAnn's fabric for just $4.99 and I had to have it!

I hung it outside right under our address so Santa would be sure to see it and know where to deliver the yarn!

This table was made by my dear husband for me on our first anniversary.  We were poor as churchmice and this was some lumber he found in the garage.  There has been a prominent place for it in every home we've had.  It was used for our 25th anniversary vow renewal with a piece of glass on top and it held candles for all the members of the family to light.  I also enjoy snowmen and have put some out on display.  Again, forgive the dark pictures.

This is why all the pictures are so dark.  It's 16F outside right now and a heavy, heavy fog has blanketed everything.  The upside is the trees are beautiful, all covered in white frost.  Don't you agree?

This is our neighbors tree.  I don't know what kind it is, but it has those red berries on it all year round.

That's it for today.  I hope you enjoyed the photo show.  I would love to see your decorating also.  Have a wonderful day!




  1. I loved this post, reading of the traditions, seeing your precious items. It is so nice that your daughter wants to continue and that she loves the treasures of your life too. I haven't done our decorating yet, many of mine are old, the tree belonged to my parents.
    I'm having my first blog 'Giveaway', hope you will visit and enter.
    Carol xx

  2. Thanks for the invitation Carol. I didn't know you have a blog. I've become a follower and posted about you above.

    Thank you also for your kind comments. I think traditions are wonderful too. They don't seem to be as important to the boys as to our daughter but that's probably normal.