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Sunday, August 14, 2011

One More Sweater!

In the mail on Thursday was this precious sweater from Yvonne!  I promised her I wouldn't mail my last boxes until this sweater arrived.  The detail is wonderful and will keep a little one warm for sure.

We spent the weekend in Helena, Montana babysitting our grandchildren.  It's always lots of fun.  We spent the weekend reading books, watching them ride bikes, painting pictures, playing cowboys, making towns from legos etc, etc.   We had the time of our lives.  Just look at these faces with their Great-Grandma Queen.

Grandpa was playing dress-up with his granddaughter...she was fixing him tea for the tea party!  He certainly wouldn't put this hat on for me, but for his granddaughter, he'll do anything the princess requests.  Just as it should be!

Here are a few pictures I snapped as we drove home on the interstate at 70 mph.  Please forgive the blur and some glass glare.  It was hot so we had the A/C on and the windows up.  However, you can still get an idea of the beauty of the Montana mountains.

This is the Yellowstone River.  Isn't it beautiful?  The water is so clear, you can see to the bottom.

The trees were so green and the sky so blue today.

I'm sorry they are so blurry, but you get the idea.  It was a beautiful day for a drive across the mountains.  We cross three mountain passes and go through three states to get to Helena.  It's a beautiful drive.  I sat in the backseat and knitted while my DH and Mother-in-law sat in the front and chatted.  I enjoyed it all immensely.  In two weeks we'll go in the opposite direction to our daughters home in Portland, OR.  On that trip we get to drive along the mighty Columbia River and see the spectacular scenery along the river and all the waterfalls.

Tomorrow I hope to get the tags all sewn on the donations from the last post.  We got home too late tonight to even get it started.  The goal will be to mail them on Tuesday morning.

Blessings to you all and good-night.  I'm off to bed.


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  1. Hi Betsy - just wanted to say that you do a very nice job of blogging. Am enjoying reading them. Thanks Joan