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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Amazing Mail Today!

My mail-lady is wondering what's happening in my house.  Have I started a business?  Began recieving other peoples packages for them?  Invested in cardboard for boxes?  Just take a look at what arrived today!


 Hats, Hats
 Baby Sweaters, Baby Blanket, Washcloths
 Adult Sweater, Mittens, Baby Vests & Pants, Socks!
Baby Sweater, Scarves, Hat & Mittens
 Yoshie is SO EXCITED!
Lots and lots of Baby Sweaters
Washcloths, Hats and Scarves

Isn't this wonderful?  I'm so excited to send these off to Alex.  The trip is ever closer, only about 6 weeks away.  I leave on September 9th and will be in Japan for two weeks.  I will be posting pictures for all of you to see when I return.  Meanwhile, keep watching-I'll be posting pictures of everything that arrives before I go.

I'm investigating to try to find less expensive shipping methods since you are all being so generous with your yarn goodies.  I never expected this wonderful outpouring of love, but I have been very blessed by it.  Never, ever underestimate knitters and crocheters!

We talked to Alex last night and while we were on the phone he said to "hold on for a minute".  Then he came back on the phone and said there had just been another earthquake while we were talking to him.  He said it was a long one and quite strong.  When I looked it up online today the news said it was a 6.5 centered in the same area as the "big one" in March.  No tsunami this time but it was the third very strong one he had felt just since July 10.  Please remember to keep praying for all the Japanese people.  It must be very terrifying for them everytime this happens.

Meanwhile Yoshie is very happy to be here and helping me open boxes.  She squeals with delight everytime she sees a new handmade item.  Her tears are very real and heartfelt.  She is so touched by all that you are doing for her country.

I'm sure I'll be talking to you again on Monday after mailcall.  Thank you all again.  I just can't say it enough.




  1. Amazing, what lovely items.
    Carol xx

  2. oh, i'm so happy to see that the washcloths i knitted arrived safely !
    i'm completely amazed at all the items that people have made ~ how wonderful !

  3. I can't believe how many hats you now have!! They're all so wonderful as well, if I learn to make a hat I shall try to send you one :-D